Inequality sucks

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    "i need a swiffle so i dont have to think about my vagina"

  2. what is this 1957?
  3. Their sarcasm and satire aside, at least they're still cleaning.
  4. (Shoots kneecaps)
  5. Lol

    Good luck :)
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  6. None are more inferior than those who insist on being equal :cry:
    The floozy with the red do-rag has a nice rack though, +1
  7. LOL "threesome!" *grabs swiffle*

    dayumn, havent laughed like that while eating in a while LOL. egg, cheese and toast went flyying errrrywhere ahaha.. reminds me of madtv and how much i miss that show.
  8. Damn, the girl with the purple bandana is hot!
    The other one isn't too bad, nice body, but bit of a butter face.

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