INeed Help PLease(Drying & Curing)!!!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ThaHomie, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I Picked the tree off the branch, cut it all down, n let it dry 4 like 4 days.
    My Tree Smells Nothin Really Like Tree.
    It Smells Like ALL OUTDOORS! Grass, Leaves, Etc.
    It Basically smells like the color green!
    The buds are already pretty crisp 2 the touch, But The Stems Are Still Not Brittle.
    Also, I dont really Feel much moisture.

    Somebody Tell Me Where 2 go from Here....
    Do I keep Dryin? I dont want super dry crispity weeeed tho.
    Do I put Them N Jars Already 2 cure?
    Does The Cure Process Make The Stems Brittle?
    Or Are They Jus Not Ready Yet?
    When Does The Green Smell Leave & Tha Danky Dank Stanky Smell Come?

    Please Help.
    I Cant Afford 2 Ruin 11 Ounces!!!!!!
  2. It can take upto 10 days to dry enough to put into jars,
    DONT WORRY, about no smell, like fine wine just give it time...

    You wanna get a decent size bud in a couple of days and rip it open to see if its dry enough to cure, if it is then stickk it in jars and within 3-5 days the dankness smell will start..

    I just this second cut my baby down, so im at begining of thi stage, but dont dont dont try to force it dry or put it in jars wet otherwise it WILL get mould...
    Patience my friend.....

    Give us an update in a day or so dude...
  3. you need to give the stickies a read. They answer all of your questions and more.

    Jar them up when they're dry, burp them, enjoy in 2-3 weeks

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