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Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. well... being that you more about computers than anyone else i know...

    internet explorer is being a bitch... as i browse its really jerky. instead of scrolling it like makes the screen go all choppy and such......

    and every now n. then it comes up with a countdown timer and says some shit about its shutting down... from some iexplorer.exe error or something.... can i reload explorer somehow?

    im lucky it hasnt come up with the error yet... i just had to reload windows cause it was a complete mess... and now this shit... if i cant fix this im gettin another harddrive (my HD wont let me format it BTW) and try reloading windows and all my programs... and if that doesnt work then im trading this heap o' shit in for a mac...

    any help would be a life saver (maybe not life saver, but it'll keep me from taking a hammer to the HD:D)
  2. HJ,

    I'm assuming you've run a virus scan with updated virus software. Hit up windows update and apply the latest explorer patches.

    Sounds like something has become corrupted. I'm on my mobile now, away from home. Post me the exact error message you're receiving, and I'll be able to fix it for you, tomorrow morning at the latest. ;)

    Edit: Choppy scrolling sometimes has to do with memory being tied up. How much ram ya got HJ? Might be possible you've got some crap running in the background that is tying up your memory. More like IE is corrupted though.

    Edit2: I remember a trojan floating around the 'Net awhile ago that caused problems with IE. Had an error message something to the effect of what you've described, but as I said, post the exact message you're getting and I'll be able to tell ya how to fix it.
  3. I tottaly admit I know less then half as much as Indy, but I just had that exact same problem on my computer after formating. It turned out my video driver wasn't working. I installed it and everything, but it just didn't seem to work. I just uninstalled it and reinstalled an older version. That worked for me, might be the same problem. :D
  4. i found that the countdown error is the blasterworm virus...

    and i have no antivirus software... and ill try reloading my video driver for the choppyness....

    the internet is still bein a bitch about loading this patch though

  5. HJ,


    and download AVG antivirus. It's a free virus scan program that works great. About as good as Norton IMHO. It's updated every couple of days as well.

    Speaking of the blasterworm. Did ya hear about Microsoft offering a reward? $500,000 for information leading to the arrest of the creator of the worm.....

    Let me know if you're still having problems...
  6. ...hey HJ - get a mac!...more stable, better lookin (if you're spendin hours in front of it) and alot of the pc viruses don't work on macs - different platform/system. Re: IE playin silly buggers; try deletin the IE preferences...or re-install the whole programme...good luck!
  7. i reloaded my video driver and now my windows media player works... but still no internet...

    is there somewhere i can edit the video setting for internet explorer? and if this virus software (that indy metioned) doesnt work, im gonna have to buy Mcafee (i know its spelled wrong) virus scan and reformat the HD instead of just reinstalling windows... then reinstall windows, and all my other programs (VB and C++ take close to 6 hours), then install the virus software... then get on the internet and download those updates from windows...

    i can get to the download section... but then when the countdown timer comes up i go into the command prompt and type shutdown -a, then it says all downloads failed, then i start downloading again and it makes the download bar move along further, but when it reaches the end, it just stops.. nothing loads... (it just came up now, and i just shutdown -a its ass, so now the download of that program is probably going to fail) i dont know what to do... but i sure as hell am gonna get a mac as soon as i can afford it... just get lke one of the 12" ibooks or something... trade this one in and get one of those... i probably cant even afford to pay the fuckin $25 a month... and can ya veiw all internet sites on a mac the same as a PC? (i.e. the city, google, stuff like that?)
  8. Any video settings you could change in IE would be located in Tools---Internet options----Advanced tab.

    HJ, it's really sounding like you've got some virus or corruption problems. I wish I was closer to you and I could come over and fix it for you. Hard to do over the 'Net. My best advice to you would be to get AV installed asap, even if you have to buy it.

    The things you are describing to me are usually virus/trojan related.

    And yes, you can view the same pages on a mac as a pc.

    Wish I could help you more my friend. :(

    Edit: You could get Mozilla (free) as a browser to test and see if it's really a problem with IE. Also try to get ahold of Spybot search and destroy (also free) if possible to download. It will sniff out any crap on your pc that shouldn't be on their. If worst comes to worst HJ, I'll burn these programs to CD and mail them to you.
  9. well. ive been thinking about getting a new HD anyway... so i'll buy a new 40G HD (current one is 30G) and the best virus/firewall program i can buy (any recomendations?).... load XP back on there, along with all my programs (so what ill lose 15 gigs of rhino models and all my homemade programs, at least the comp will work properly:() ....

    i installed the grisoft program, and ran the complete test.... it found 220 viruses... and fixed all but 2... one virus is called "worm/nachi" and is located in C:\windows\system32\wins\DLLHOST.EXE

    and the other is a trojan horse called "backdoor.remotesob.A" and is located in C:\recycler\S-1-5-21-1960408961-1708537768-725345543-1003\DC544.ZIP:\VelVel.exe

    i was able to find the DLLHOST.EXE file but am unable to find the recycler folder on the C:\.... i did the "show all hidden files" thing and it still didnt show up.... the folders skip right from "program files" to "system"...

    this is confusing the hell out of me... i dont know wether i should take a coarse on fixing computers or not since i might learn something, or jusst get incredibly frusterated (i find it amazing how a shitload of little 0s and 1s can make your blood pressure go up:p)

    do ya think if i start completly clean and as soon as its set up go online and download all the windows updates it might work properly again?
  10. im gonna try and reformat the HD (i tried to edit my last post but it wont let me:()

    i usually go into the command prompt and type "format C:" and it procedes on from there...

    but now it goes but then say something about cannot format drive because drive is currently in use/....

    is there a way around this? how do i format the harddrive?

    im very thankfull for everyones help... im not very up on technology so sorry about all the questions...:
  11. HJ,

    Go to here:

    to get a removeal tool for the Nachi virus. Also known as Welchia. It's a nasty little bugger.

    To remove the trojan will be a little harder, but bear with me.

    Edit the System.ini file and remove the text added by the Trojan (Windows 95/98/Me only).
    Update the virus definitions.
    Run a full system scan and delete all the files detected as Backdoor.RemoteSOB.

    1. Editing the System.ini file

    Click Start, and then click Run.
    Type Notepad C:\Windows\System.ini, and then click OK. (The Notepad windows opens.)

    NOTE: If you have Windows installed at a different location, modify the path and folder names as necessary.

    In the [boot] section of the file, look for an entry similar to the following:

    Shell=Explorer.exe C:\Windows\bdsf32.scr

    Delete all the text (on the shell=Explorer.exe line only) to the right of Explorer.exe. When you are finished, the text should like:


    Click File, click Exit, and then click Yes when prompted to save the changes.

    Update the virus definintions for AVG if available and rescan. If any files are detected as infected with Backdoor.RemoteSOB, delete them.

    Now on to the next set of questions. ;)

    The eaiest way to format your drive is from a boot disk. Visit to download a boot disk image. Download it to a 3.5 floppy and boot from the floppy. It should boot to a command prompt and not Windows. From here type format c:

    If by some chance it still won't let you, type fdisk. This will pull up a DOS based formatting utility.

    And I do think things will work ok if you decide to reload. Just reload windows, load av, load windows update patches. Make sure you keep the windows updates and av updated to prevent problems like this in the future.

    Whew... That was a little long winded. :) This should get ya running smooth again.

  12. ...get that mac!...ebay has loads at good start prices...even the older style imac is a good buy if you want it mainly for surfin'...go for one with extra software allready included/installed tho'...
  13. indy i swear to god if i lived closer to ya id be over with the 3 footer and an oz in a heartbeat.... thank you so much :)

    im going to try to get rid of these 2 and if stuff still isnt working properly im just gonna reformat... i was "told" how to :D
  14. i have XP pro.... can i use that same method to get rid of the trojan horse the same way?
  15. i hate to triple post, ut this is what it says in the system.ini file

    ; for 16-bit app support


    0 4=2 4
    0 5=3 5
    0 6=4 6
    0 7=4 7
    0 8=5 8
    0 9=5 9
    0 10=6 10
    0 11=7 11
    0 12=7 12
    0 13=8 13
    0 14=8 14
    0 15=9 15
    0 16=10 16
    0 18=11 18
    0 20=12 20
    0 22=13 22
  16. well, ran that program, didnt fix it. ran it again, didnt fix it. ran it a third time, didnt fix it..... soo.....

    made windows XP boot disks.... tried them... error... something fucked up.... made them again.... same error....

    made a DOS bootup disk.... came up with a A:\> prompt..... typed format C: ...... bad command or file name ..... fuck....

    im running out of steam here.... and i think resources are running low....

    plus my car had to go to the mechanics today since its dying at almost every stopsign.... and starts shuttering like hell on the freeway.... i cant even afford to pay for that, let alone a new HD....

    im gonna be living in the back of a fuckin broken down jeep soon if i cant get this comp workin properly to look for jobs (since i now have no car).....

    im down to my last few threads......
  17. Shit HJ. I was hoping you weren't running XP pro. I don't know how to do a manuel removal from that. :( However, did you get that spybot search and destroy I was talking about? It will be able to remove trojans. It's available here at the bottom of the page:

    When you boot from the disk and get to the A prompt. Type cd c:\

    This should drop you into your C directory. Try the format again from that. Also, did you try the Fdkisk command?

    And what about system restore, did you try that yet? You can access it by right click on my computer and bringing up the properties.

    I understand your frustrations, especially when money is tight. I've got an extra 40 gig harddrive that I'm willing to format and mail to you for free if that interests you. Just drop me a pm and let me know.
  18. i downloaded that program that ya suggested a few posts ago... didnt do anything.... tried the fdisk command... nothing.... ill donwload this program and see if it does something.... if not... i'm just gonna take out the HD and have a comp repair shop look at it.... see if they can do it for cheap... i need to get my car back from the shop first though.....
  19. I'll send you the 40 gig drive for free if ya want HJ. Can't get any cheaper than that. :D

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