Industrial Fan + 8 Small Fans

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  1. hi
    I wondering if adding an industial fan is enough to control the heat in my grow room ...
    lets m explain the enviorment ...
    I live in the south east
    so the temps range in this time of year from 26c - 36C
    I have 4 400watt HPS and under 13 fine girls
    so if I add 1 industial stand fan thats realy power full you think the plants will not suffer and live NO heat stress
    the airing is done from me opening 2 doors 1 to the balcony for fresh air the other is room door
    thinking the industrial fan will just blow all the heat out though not to sure ???
    awaiting answers

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  3. Better to get the fan to suck the heat out, even better if you just got some air cooled hoods, that way they would remove at least 1/3rd of the heat issue, and rig another fan to a carbon filter to remove the heat from the grow space itself, the idea here being that if you have many options....then you have more ways to please your plants, happy plants means less stress.....Bigger Buds!!!!
 the south west running on metrics...?
    be warned many industrial fans run in the 400 watt range and may cost as much as your light bill, ...another option if in europe is to tease your plants , by only having the lights on during the night time when its cooler, and or alternating the lights, 4 400w hps, so you have only 2 on at time, although plant s may stretch, and then look it, it's cosmetic
  4. thnks for the reply !
  5. I am in the market for a large industrial fan. Someone has one that is 42". I know that is large but how do you measure these fans? Is one blade 42" long, or is the height or the whole unit 42", or maybe how far the blades stretch from one side to the other?

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