inductiom lighting for plants

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  1. Induction lighting is the latest trend in lighting technology. Induction lamps are built to last and is cost efficient, browse through to see a variety of induction lamps. What is induction lighting? Well technically, it works when energy is transmitted through an electromagnetic field. Then a light emitting gas is energized within the bulb, which is induced through an inductor where alternating current is passed. Thus, an induction lamp lasts longer since electricity-conducting electrodes are not needed on the lamp. In place of a ballast, induction lamps uses a generator with a power coupler. An induction lamp has the capacity to save almost 40% in your electric bill against its fluorescent counterpart. Also, some types of induction lamps could have a life span of 100,000 hours. This makes them last 7 times longer than T12HO fluorescent and about 5-13 times longer than metal halide. Induction lamps are ideal for use with high- ceiling applications in which the lamps are difficult to access. They could operate well in extremely low temperatures, as a conclusion, induction lighting could cater to a wide range of usage. It includes lighting up parking areas, roads, tunnels, gymnasiums, industrial buildings and could also be suitable for freezers and cold storage lighting. Although induction lighting set-ups could be a little costly, you could still have higher savings since it needs only a little maintenance and has greater energy efficiency. Induction lighting has other advantages such as better color rendition and better color range shifting from daylight to soft white. Also, induction lamps are environment friendly since they use less mercury every hour of operation than traditional lighting due to their long life span. They also have instant-on and hot re-strike features, unlike traditional lamps that are used in industrial applications like sodium-vapor lamp, mercury-vapor lamp and metal halide lamp. Investing on induction lighting that is suitable for your need could do you wonders. It's still up to you on whether or not you should invest on one. If you are still in doubt, review the article that you just read and think about it. Good luck!

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