Inducing sleep paralysis.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by neverdrink, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Did this last night, was probably the greatest thing ever. Was actually dreaming while I was awake haha. Anyone else ever tried/accomplished doing this?
  2. how did you induce it?
  3. Lay on your back, hands by your side eyes closed for about 20 minutes. You feel the urge to itch or move around but you have to ignore it. you'll know when it starts usually you go into REM sleep (rapid eye movement) and dont open your eyes
  4. It fucking sucks, no idea why you guys like it
  5. interesting.. i would like to do this, but it seems to simple...

    if you say your dreaming while your awake, im pretty sure i do that almost every night.
  6. I had it when I woke up once, sadly I had to go somewhere that day so I had to get out of it.

    I heard if you close your eyes when in sleep paralysis you'll lucid dream.
  7. Do this shit every night before I actually fall asleep
  8. wouldnt this just be day dreaming? if i layed on my back hands till didnt itch if need sounds more liek day dreaming while not moving kinda like laying your head on your desk in school while hearing your teachers words just exploring the spaces in your brain like a alien world
  9. I tried to do this the last two nights but it didn't work, I can never fall asleep on my back
  10. the idea is to stay awake the whole time
  11. [quote name='"neverdrink"']
    the idea is to stay awake the whole time[/quote]

    yeah I know, but my body wouldn't fall asleep, I'd lay still for the longest time and I would never go into sleep paralysis, I think its because I never sleep on my
    back or something, what are some other ways to
    lucid dream?
  12. Since we on the subject of dreams I just wanna let you guys know that before I lost my virginity, I would sometimes dream of getting really close to having sex with one of the fine girls in my class but every time I did the dream would always end right before we were gonna get it on.

    As you may have guessed by now I finally got to complete my dreams after I did it in real life.
  13. ^same dude.. well... (im still a v card holder) :(.....
    some day lol
  14. Dude, sleep paralysis is horrible. I've only had it once and a fucking demon climbed up onto my bed and I thought I was going to fucking die and get dragged to the bowels of hell or something. Like literally, the most scared I've ever been. Fuck sleep paralysis.
  15. A couple of the most terrifying moments of my life have come from sleep paralysis. Being face down in my blanket for a minute, thinking I was dead but stuck "in between", etc.
  16. That's not sleep paralysis. When you are in sleep paralysis you cant move at all and a lot of the time you see scary shit and its hard to breathe. I Used to have sleep paralysis when I was a kid and it was terrifying, I would see this green man and he would whisper shit about how I was going to die.
  17. You mean lucid dreaming?

    Sleep paralysis is scary shit, and you wouldn't want to force it upon yourself, unless you like that kinda stuff.

  18. I have done this many times. It works best when Im sitting in a chair with my head leaned back.

    I used to fall asleep at my desk at work all the time and experience it. Now if I fall asleep in that position it happens pretty regularly.
  19. Haha im with the other ppl. Sleep paralysis sux dick ine time i did some unmetionables and stayed up for 2 days straight. Tried to fall asleep in the third night and i never got past sleep paralysis just kept having to shake my foot to snap out of it. Never seen the demons or anything but it is hard to breathe.

    My friend was telling me how he induces sleep paralysis and one time he saw this mutated cat with a pentagram on it and decided to keeo it since ot was cool. Haha wtf
  20. Man this reminds me of the hallucinations from alcohol withdrawals. I would be laying in bed and fucking monsters would start coming into my room and crawling onto my bed. It was scary.

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