indoors grow with sunlight?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by THCisINme, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. I have bulbs for my two plants which i just started growing but my question is can I use my window where sunlight comes in to help me grow? Do i have to use the bulbs or can sunlight from my window do the trick as well?
  2. Sure you can. Grow it as a very pretty houseplant if you'd like. No worries about smell or security, etc? Go for it. You'd probably be advised to choose indica dominated strains that stay shorter generally. You'd probably also be advised to look at self flowering varieties so they will bud regardless of light times. I wouldn't expect fabulous results, but you might get em anyway! If you do it, please take lots of pictures. I've seen wonderful potted plants on patios, in kitchen windows, and sun rooms. I wish more folks would do that.
  3. More light is better, so if you are talking about sunlight through the window in addition to fully adequate artificial light, then yes. But if you are relying on the window to produce some of the minimum needed light then no -- window glass filters out UV rays that the plant needs, and besides we are only a couple of weeks from the autumnal equinox and so north of the tropics the sun will be weak for the next 6+ months.
  4. All very true. Again, don't expect great results. But you can certainly grow in a window without supplemental light. Remember you are growing a weed, a pretty hardy/ grow almost anywhere/ survive abuse (I had an ex try to kill a crop with boiling water). Ever heard of new York white? Your window glass won't filter out too much uv unless it's coated or filmed. Aloha spirits.
  5. Use a window that faces south.

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