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  1. hey, i wanted to go for the organic "hippie" version of growing, you know...outside in a quiet area. Ive been growing in my neighbors old barn for abouta week now and i think hes wise so i have to move them. I only have to move one of them, a plant i rescued yesterday because its larger than the others and more obvious.

    Ok thats the story and now the question, Im going to put the plant in a 5 gal white bucket in my closet with a (MH) light and a small fan, what wattage should i use for a plant that already has about 6 leaves and what light/dark ratio should i use? How do i keep the smell down and keep the plant stunted if its already grown up some and i cant pull off the top?

    basically tell me what to use and how to do this...newbie indoor grower.
  2. 18hours light, 6 dark for vegging. for only one plant, you can probably get by with 200 or so watts. for smell, use a Vortex to pull exhaust through a carbon filter.
  3. right on thanks man

    what about a 250 WATT Retro-White High Pressure Sodium Bulb? better? worse? shit for 45 bucks it had better be decent.
  4. I'm not familiar with "retro-white". $45 is pretty cheap for indoor grow lighting.
  5. ended up getting an 80 watt grow light from home depot, my buddy who works there said it would be enough, did i just waste $?
  6. Does that mean you are leaving other plants in your neighbor's barn? Uncool to grow in someone else's home...or barn.
  7. the HPS (high pressure sodium) would be a good light for flowering but if the plant is bout a foot tall or 3 feet in a good closet then use that but for vegging to make it that big you have to use the metal hallide light and how good do u know your NUTES like some watering ferts wut do u have the NPK number
  8. :D

    yea you should get the other plant man besides if there in ur house then u can keep a closer eye on them but be care full not to over do them with water and nutes can u post a pic of the closet or or spot and lights and i can explain how to set up some fans n shit if ya want
  9. i would take pics, but i dont know how to post them up. I can tell ya that i have too many plants for an indoor grow with the amount of light i can give them now. So im taking the larger, stronger plants after they establish themselves in a flower cup and putting 2-3 in a large pot. I know this will stunt them, but i dont want a 20 foot tall plant in my closet. Also, what is the best way to make a plant bush out?
  10. dude you need to press the search button and that light is horrible get a 400 watt HPS and stop wasting time and heres a good place cheap carbon filters and vortex blowers and for hieght put LST in the search engine

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