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  1. I need help alittle im growing from seed and im using a led 35 watt will my plants survive with it for a week im waiting on my 1000watt led to come in im not hitiing veg yet its been about almost 2weeks from seed.. im using feri lome for soil. What else do i need to be more useful.
  2. I really need help
  3. It will be just fine
  4. It depends on whether growing cannabis is legal in Nebraska. But, you should be fine.
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  5. What exactly are you looking for help with?

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  6. Okay thanks guys
  7. I live in colorado i dont know why my thing says nebraska but i do i hald to add any nutrients to my organic soil
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  8. But i do live in colorado guys
  9. Good, Nebraska sounds like it is a shitty place for us lovers of Cannabis..:)
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  10. But like i said what do i need to prepare for after veg what does my setup need to look like im sorry this is to much im a beginner right now
  11. Right now i have foil on my walls for reflect
  12. Or is that to early
  13. Is feri lome a good soil to use
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  14. Its never to early to reflect the light, however, you really should invest in reflective mylar. Tin foil tends to create "hot spots" by reflecting AND focusing the light which could and probably will end up burning your plants.
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  15. if you mean this one..Loooks fine..I do not see anything about it containing time release stuff:)
    Ultimate Potting Mix
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  16. Thats help full thanks guys is my soil good though and when do you think ill hit veg

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