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  1. hey guys. i was jus wandering, im usually outdoor grower guy, but this year might try my luck indoors. i know that most outdoor plants yield between 3-8 ounces or so depending on certain factors, but im not sure if that applies to indoors as well? how much do you guys get from indoor plants? is it the same as outdoor, or what? also...lst is for indoors more than outside correct? so instead of using up your 6 foot swaure closet with a plant with one cola and is 3 feet, it can be lsted and make it have numerous colas and greatly increase your yield, correct? i jus hate the idea of growing a plant indoors and not being able to pull a few ounces off it ya know, i want it to be worth my time. thanks alot
  2. I got about 5oz (dry) per plant on my last grow. I lst'd a bunch
  3. The sun is one powerfull mofo, you cant match it but you can do pretty good for the cost after you pull the initial investment
  4. I get roughly 1.5 oz per indoors but I only veg for 3-7 days.
    and lst is best used outdoors & used on larger plants that have been topped durring early stages of growth.

    eg. I have a plant that is 1' tall that used to be a little over 4' tall
    next time I visit my spot Ill take & post pics if yall want
  5. I get 5 harvests a year growing indoors. Each plant yealds about 5-6oz.

    The sun is free, but you have to grow larger crops and taller plants to meet the yeild.

    I still wish I could grow out doors.

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