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  1. which should i do. should I wait til mid april to plant outdoor, or start now, indoor. The problem w/ indoor is that I live w/ certain pweople who dont approve of weed growin in the house. outdor is easier too. will the plants grow buds outdoorm, because i read u need 12/12 sunlight to grow buds, but there would be more sunlight in april. help be much appreciated, thanx.
  2. u live with your parents?
  3. I didnt say my parents, I said certain people who wouldnt really feel comfortable knowing that weed is being grown in their house. Anyway, should I grow indoor or outdoor? Is it hard to grow bud outdoor?
  4. And yes, I live w/ my dad...BTW, its not like anyone really knows how old I am, i could be in friggin 6th grade, in which case I would live w/ my dad. I still just wanna grow sum bud. and BTW, if your wondering why I am replying to the message greendazed42 posted, it's because I was on his account when I posted that message.
  5. well because you live with your dad is there any way at all to grow indoors? i probably wouldn't try it indoors if theres chances of him finding your plants. its hard to hide a growroom from parents dude. you can get nice buds outdoors but you can only get one harvest a year, but your harvest will probably be bigger outdoor than indoor.

    it sucks that your dad isn't cool with weed, my dad is, but my mom isn't. I'm 15 i'll be 16 in apr, i was just trying to make conversation by asking if you lived with your parents, sorry for askin dude.
  6. 16 inj april, me too, what day?
  7. the 12th, u
  8. how much power is nessesary for a forty to fifty plant room, and how many lights would be preferable?
  9. argh, mines the 24. im hoping to have some descent sized plants by then.

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