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    Ive grown mostly outdoors on & off 30+yrs, Just started a new indoor grow booth, 22" X 42" X 48" tall, My adjustable light bar has a 250W CFL in the center with reflector( 6500K Veg bulb/ Changing to a 250W 2700K at flowering time) 1 150W CFL on each of the 4 corners, a 2700k & a 6500K at each side. Large Vent holes on the bottom bringing fresh air in from an open area & large vent holes above into my open crawl space with a ridge vent, also a fan inside the booth for circulation and bringing in fresh air, The inside is Flat White. Now for the Indoor Tropical, I have a 21W Seed Starting heat mat, My idea is to put this under my pot which would keep the Soil warm & create humidity around the plant. I would obviously keep a close eye on keeping the plant properly watered, which is not a problem. Does this sound plausable or will the 5 CFLs keep the area warm enough. Is the heat mat Too Much ? Growing Pure Kush
    Thanks for the input !

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    cfl will keep the room plenty hot enough. As a matter of fact, they are almost perfect heaters. Just enough, not too much.
    Humidity isn't much of a problem indoors. It can easily be raised by filling the runoff saucers. Or some just hang a wet towel on a rack. Most are more concerned with mold caused by lack of air circulation.
  3. Thanks for the reply, all is good.
  4. Started Pure Kush 3 weeks ago, Growing in Soil under 250W CFL + 4 more 150w CFLs, Feed at every watering & Plant is looking Awsome, Very Bushy. Here are some pics. 4" tall 9" across.

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  5. That's a short plant. I like it.

    Nice work.
  6. Looks good! Tight spacing.

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