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    OK, so due to popular demand, I'm summarizing the issues at hand here:

    I'm growing pot outdoors for the first time (longtime indoor grower)
    I'll be growing guerilla style on a highly secure plot of land with good conditions
    PLENTY of sunshine, but I'm located close to the equator, 14 28, so i want to know how long I can expect to grow the plants until they are almost done flowering, and considered smokeable.
    I want to know if I plant next Saturday, roughly how long afterwards can I cut down to smoke.
    I'm aiming for speed of the grow, not quality.


    So as some may know, I'm a fairly experienced grower... indoors. However, due to some problems, I can only grow outside right now.
    A friend of mine is in dire need of pot, and so I've volunteered to help him get some. Now, I love growing and haven't been able to grow in about 6 months, so I'm going to enjoy this a LOT! Since my family owns a large plantation, I'm thinking about taking some sprouts there and planting them at different locations throughout the plantation, now if they find them I doubt that any attention would be given to them as pretty much ANYTHING grows there. Plus with so many workers there it would be impossible to know who planted it, so nothing would happen.

    Now here's the deal. I'm thinking about sprouting them (from some low mids bagseed, no other alternative, but I love the mystery of bagseed!) this weekend and keeping them at a friends (under good care) for 1 week, then going to my farm with both my friends and going out to a good location (isolated, good lighting etc.) and planting them there (I'd say maybe plant 5-6 plants in as many locations).
    My question is about flowering. The earlier they flower the better (as I will be going to college to the US in late August). And we're located fairly near the equator (14 38 N), so when can I expect these plants to be barely ready to harvest? Quality isn't the main concern here, so when could I expect a smokable plant (thinking about mids level weed) at this latitude. The soil there is SUPER rich, but not overly so, as well as decently airy (so basically the perfect soil for almost anything, I'm serious about this, we have a lemon tree outside the house that gives lemons the size of softballs, anything flourishes in that soil!) and the sun there is just GREAT, it's super good light with very little to no cloud coverage during the day, in the afternoons it might rain every other day, but the sun will definitely take care to not overwater. Also there is very good, soft and steady winds in the morning to help the plant get stronger.

    So as far as I know about outdoor growing, they will be pretty good for a half-ass attempt, but when could I seriously expect to get a "smokeable" product?

    Thanks for the help everyone!
    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
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    Anyone? Please!

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  3. Please? I really need your help!

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  4. can you cliff your post? idt anyone wants to read that lololol
  5. cdhfootball_21: Cliffed that for ya!

    Also, sorry for making it really long, I was pretty well baked when I wrote it.

    Good Growing and happy Toking!

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