Indoor to Outdoor. Need some advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by cmbr66, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. My friend just gave me a female plant He germinated the first day of January. Now the plant is almost 2ft tall and has started to flower. He has had it under a 400watt hps lamp since January and just started the 12/12 two weeks ago. The genetics are unknown but I assume its mostly indica because the its a short plant with wide fat leaves. The Plant is also very healthy.

    I felt that it was very unsafe to keep the plant there because so many people knew about it. I moved the plant to my backyard(VERY SAFE). I live in Sothern California and the weather is great especially spring/summer. Will my plant survive outdoors or should I just buy a light and put it inside?
  2. whad up,
    it'll be perfectly fine:smoke:

  3. you should buy a light and bring it inside man... and if you can you should take some clones now and put them under flourescents. hope this helps peace.
  4. :wave: You live in Sunny will be happy outside just aswell...

  5. If it dosent frost at night your plant should be fine.

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