Indoor to outdoor growing..questions.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nonsense, May 21, 2003.

  1. I'm new to growing and I've planted 10 bag seeds (I think they're blueberry) and they're about a week to 2 weeks old (2 batches started at different times.) Right now the youngest is about 5" tall and have 2-3 nodes, which I think is potentially bad because there's alotta stem before the first node..
    Anyway, I plan to transplant them outside and my question to the experts is how long should I veg them inside before I transplant them outside? I read that you should veg for maybe 3-4 weeks or 12" and then plant them outside. Am I on the right path with that?

    Also, if anyone has any good quality digital pictures of males (where the pollen sacks are at) vs. females that they can post, please do so.

    Last question.. I'm a little concerned about how long the stems are and how thin they are..the bigger plants can't suppourt their own weight and tend to fall over so I have them supported by little sticks..Any input on this would be gratly appreciated..Right now the tops are about 8-12" from the light.

    Thanks in advance
  2. my plant did the same thing your plant is doing. if you set a fan on it so it gently blows on your plant (not enough to knock it over) and you leave the supports on it, in about a week or so it will have grown stronger. if you cant do the fan thing, then gently bend the stem to each side a few times every day and it will also help it grow stronger, i used both of these methods, and my plant has grown much stronger than it was before. the reason that my plant was this way, was because it was stretching trying to get more light, maybe your lights need to be a little closer, or you just might need more light, depends on what kind of lights you are using, if you are using flouroscents then move the lights to about 2-3 inches away from your plant, but watch them so they dont burn,im pretty sure that should help with the stretching. hope your children do well and that i was of some help.

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