indoor to outdoor during flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by grandaddycronic, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. is it good to do so ?
  2. I don't know,is it snowing where u live?:confused:
  3. it is winter but im just asking is it ok to do so
  4. Timing is the answer,Outdoor growing limits u to grow during certain times of the year,so if u were to put a flowering indoor plant outside,make sure your in the right time,seasonally speaking, to do so.
  5. i know the seasons to grow
  6. Well if you already know then i'm guessing your looking for a stamp of approval?

    *stamped* yes ,it's fine to put a indoor to outdoor.
  7. If the outside temperatures are warm enough >60F then you should have good success taking your indoors plant and flowering it outside...That is what I do with all my grows.
  8. Do you mean actually DURING flowering, or do you mean take it outside to begin flowering? With the latter being okay. As Oldskool just said.
  9. That is what my operation is now..
    I am going to transfer my plants outdoors when it warms up a bit.
    My plants are vegging inside, and I'm going to continue that process outdoors.

    But for you, I would suggest figuring out what time of the year the light starts to drop below 18hrs a day and then place the plants outdoors to induce the flowering cycle. :) happy growing!
  10. Where does the sun shine for 18 hrs., Alaska?

  11. Hahahaha oops freakin' typos. That's what I get for posting on a mobile phone. My bad.
  12. I actually just did this with my plant and its looking a lot healthier and more promising. But I live near the equator so the temp. out here is not winter like at all.

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