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  1. :rolleyes: Just a little something for the noob's. First of all, welcome to Grass City. I rolled over that DIY stuff and though about putting up with the hastles of building my own system, but I wouldn't have saved much money if I did. Instead, I decided to just opened what came in the mail, set it up and started growin. So, here's what happened.
    A friend asked me how much for a system like mine, so I priced it out for him.
    My tent is a small, but professional, 2x2x5" tent that I equipted with quality lighting and ventalation that I bought on line. I didn't skimp on anything, including the soil (FFOF). After much research, the total for everything I needed to grow right down to the soil and trim scissors was $840. So, NO, it's not cheap to properly set up a tent. But, the bonus is that it will pay for itself on the first harvest. And, it's possible to get 3-4 harvests off of that initial investment before having to replenish or replace anything.
    So there ya go, and GL with your grow. Happy New Year to all. Later
  2. Wow, yea... shit adds up. I started with $150, before I knew it I was over $1k. 3 years later every single piece of equipment has been replaced/upgraded. This hobby ain't cheap and it ain't easy, I bust my ass moving plants, dirt, water, cleaning, etc.

    Used equipment is a good way to get a leg up, I just picked up an entire setup from somebody who was shutting down, for a very good price :smoke:
  3. Well you clearly didnt skimp on anything, so kudos to you. However, you can find quality equipment that will suit a grow just fine for much cheaper, probably even half that of your $840! Theres bundle packages with everything one would need to grow for about 400+, including tents, fans, lights, scrubbers, soil, buckets etc

    I agree though that growing is not a cheap hobby if you want creme de la creme grow equipment!
  4. ;) I've been checking those complete packages, and the ones I saw so far were close to 2K, and had items I'd never use. But I'll keep checking. Thanx
  5. I did bout a yr of research an studying before going for it an I was talking to a guy that's was growing,he told me to Do it the Rte way I was going to spend at least a stack...... I was thinking to my self yea Rte I'm not spending that much....the more I learned the more I was into it the more I they Rte I'm working on my 2nd yr an 3 harvest an I spent well ova 3 4 racks but it's worth it.... and that's Cowan re supplies and replacement bulds soil pots nets nutes and stuff for the hydro systems

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  8. you can setup a very nice CFL grow with a well vented tent, quality soil, buckets, nutes, ph testing pen, and ordered seeds for less then 250$. You could even upgrade to a 400w hps for another 100$ and 6" ducting with inline fan for another 60$ putting the total at around 410$.

    I think you guys getting those huge pricetags are skipping DIY steps that would save you a bundle. For example instead of shelling out 200$ for my 2'x4'x5' tent i built it from scratch using 70$ worth of material i ordered off the web and purchased in home depot. For ventilation and circulation i used computer case fans which can be collected for free from old pc's or ordered for less then 3$ a pop, i rigged them up on a laptop power supply and my tent was now operational. 60$ and you could put a 6" duct line with inline fan but i had no need since im not currently using HID lighting.

    Pretty much everything but the tent and lighting is relatively cheap, so if you can save a bunch on your tent your in a good spot especially with soil grows since the rest seems pretty simple.
  9. You are very right, getting started with even a basic setup is not cheap, but then again, neither is the product we are growing. You will get back a lot of what you put into your grow if you have done your homework and put in the work.

    My first setup was a 4x4 tent with a 600w hps and the associated ventilation/filter etc. My setup cost about $800 with nutes and seeds included, but I yielded 10 ounces on my first try.....those 10 ounces would have cost me $2200-2500 to buy, so i instantly made my money back AND saved over $1000 on weed even after the cost of electricity. I have since expanded, but am using all the original equipment.

    If you buy good gear that you can continue to use, and do your homework/work hard at your grow, the initial investment is a very smart investment that will pay itself back and more in a single grow if you do it right.
  10. Ur so Rte u get Wat u put in.... an the more u put in the more u get...time goes by things are going great an before u know it ur spending lots of money ur not stress bout... cause u see more in product

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    Yea but things wear down over time. DIY is great for your first year or so but how long are you going to keep replacing gangs of cfl bulbs and maintaining your diy tent? How long are you going to keep upgrading your setup by $20-$40 at a time? If you're in it for the long run then eventually you'll want top-shelf equipment. Even generic equipment fails after a while, my generic 400w ballast melted after 3 years, cheap filters last for a grow or two. Why buy 3 $50 filters when you can buy a good one for $130 that lasts 3x longer?

    Generic equipment, cheap filters, a complete 600w tent system with all generic shit goes for $500, which is cheap. But even that is sub-par and no experienced grower would recommend it for the long-term. I can't even begin to tally up all the money I wasted trying to do things on the cheap, and that's why people recommend expensive gear. Grow for a few years and your outlook on diy/generic equipment will change.
  12. You can do what I did and just get alot of seeds and just spend as little as you can to get by, just for the experience. There is no point in buying high quality stuff for your first grow unless someone is helping you select the right stuff, otherwise you will end up replacing it all. Right now my system cost $4000, and it is top of the line and easily pays for itself like you were saying

  13. The problem with your reasoning is that you start with the incorrect premise that you can not make equipment as good as what you can buy. Although this certainly is true in some cases, most of the time you can make equipment as good or better than "store bought."

    Carbon filters are a really good example. There is NO reason that you can not DIY a carbon filter that will work as well as a brand name for WAY cheaper. It will last as long- because it is made of the same stuff the "store bought" ones are.
  14. ^ this. My tent is as durable and effective as any 200-300$ item on the market. I dont honestly see why you have dish out top dollar for something you can do yourself with a little ingenuity.

  15. You're right, I concede that pretty much anything can be engineered, fabricated, duplicated... the DIY forum has some beautifully functional builds, but it would be obtuse of me to expect that level of craftsmanship and knowledge from anything but a small fraction of absolute beginners.

    Link? Is it fabricated using the same packing techniques? I stand by my comment on generic equipment. It is sub-par, but that doesn't mean somebody can't reverse-engineer a better product, LOL.


    There are many different ways to do this. The link above shows how I made my filter. I have been using it for two years now, I will likely need to renew the filter material but that is easy and cheap.

    There is also a method using about the same materials with powdered activated charcoal. You use an inner and outer mesh screen instead of wrapping a filter around like I did.

    These filters are really easy to make. I believe anyone could make a filter using the link I provided.

    I can go on - It is very easy to make an undercurrent DWC system for 1/4 the price of a new one. It will work just as well and the expensive ones.

    DIY adds a fun element to the grow and really helps you understand the various processes that occur during the grow.

    Another tip. Most grows can use HD duct fans for venting the room or lights. These are cheap and reliable, I have used them for years. You just need to understand how to figure the needed CFM of the fan. A 6in. HD duct fan is about 180 CFM. This would be more than adequate to vent a 8'x8'x8' grow room.

    DIY is often BETTER than store bought. Cloners are also very easy to make, etc.

  17. I've built and rebuilt everything you mentioned and then some, had a lot of fun doing it. My point is that as I become a better grower, price tags become less important. "top quality" =/= store bought nor does it automatically mean DIY. It sure as fuck doesn't mean "generic", of that I'm sure ;) I'm not knocking either one and some things like organics are certainly better homemade than store-bought.

    Thanks for the link, cheers!! :smoke:

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