Indoor Stealth Amp-Growbox - Heat Problems

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  1. Hi guys, 

    So I've wanted to grow my own cannabis for a long time already. So a few months ago I bought some high quality seeds. Because I live with a roommate who absolutely can't know I'm growing weed inside the house. So what I did : 
    I used my guitar amplifier cabinet as a grow room 
    I only have one hole that I use for an outtake fan, and I have 1 fan hanging in the amp (both 5v to lower the noise) 
    I have 4 23w philips tornado's hanging, 1400 lumens each I think. 
    1 royal ak automatic and 1 Amnesia haze autoflower are growing in the box. 

    Now, the problem that i'm facing is that the temperature is way to high. 
    The amp is in the attic so it gets pretty hot in the summer.
    when the door is closed it reaches 40C and when I open it it lowers to 30c. 
    Another problem is the wattage, people advise to put 100w for each plant, so I'm way below that.

    So, can anyone help me with this ? 
    This is my first grow, but I did some research. 
    Also, I'm a student so I really can't buy more stuff, so please don't advise me to buy some high-tech cooler :) 

    Anyway, thanks for reading 
    one love  :smoking: 

    ps: sorry for the bad english, I'm from Belgium :) 

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  2. I see/hear that you have a vent/fan blowing air out, where is air allowed to flow in? 
  3. That's the big problem, I only have one hole for In/out-take. 
    I know it's really necessary to create an airflow, but I only have 1 hole, no other option. 
    I do have a few small holes in the back, but they don't do much. 

    There are wheels at the bottom of the amp, if I screw one out, would that create enough airflow ? 
    I also have another pc fan available to place somewhere. 

    Thanks for the reply 

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