Indoor Soil OG Kush (flowering), Purple Kush clones

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  1. Hello!
    New to the forum. My first grow here. Have been taking pictures of my girls periodically, since planting on 07/01/12. LST worked well using vinyl coated wire. Wasn't sure I would be able to do it right first try, but to doubt was was silly because it was a piece of cake. :p They are now in day 4 of flowering. Not many nuts yet, but I am starting 1/4 strength foliar today, twice a week. I just got 4 purple kush clones (3 for me), and a
    Lamb's Bread clone for my brother.


  2. 4th day in flower in fresh soil shouldn't need nutes for a bit, or unless the girls tell you otherwise..Why foliar feed anything for now, they look good to me man..
    what soil are you running BTW?.
  3. I'll start with July 1, when I got them and put them in 1 sq ft pots. You can see my quick setup. Aluminum foil (not very effective, I know, but its better than nothing), with 2 26watt cfls with reflectors (100 watt replacements), 4 32 watt 4' cfls.


  4. Hey! Quick reply! I'm posting a few posts to show the timeline of these girls.

    I figured a very gentle foliar feeding will help push them through flowering. It's a mild nut from Wal-Mart for flowers. I may just be getting a little excited on my first grow however.
  5. Day 10
    Girl 1

  6. 6 weeks veg day 4 flower

    Girl 1
  7. Better look at the new grow setup. 4x32 watt CFL 4 ft strips from adjustable chain. Stool was for stepping up to top shelf but ive moved them to bottom.

  8. 3 purple kush, Miracle-Grow (same as og kush)
    1 purple kush rockwool, now in soil (my friends clone)
    1 lambs bread clone in rockwool and Dixie cup (my brother's)

    Lights are now 4 26 watt (100 watt replacements) with reflectors. Two per timer set to rest 15 min every two hours. Both timers shutoff at different times so lights are always going. I have two carbon filter plugin fans that do a good job with the mild odor so far. Range is 6 ft, and they were 14 bucks each at Wal-Mart.

  9. Ok thats everything. Sorry for all the posts, the GC Forum app only let's me upload 1 pic per post. This is my first grow and I'm very happy at how its turning out. Any advice for the flowering stage?

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