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  1. I have two locations i could use for my next grow which will be top 44.
    But the problem is the one place i can have the most lighting is a very cool place and the other grow room i have is very warm becuase it has heating pipes running through it.

    Would my plants grow in a cool place under lighting or would they be better of in the very warm place?

    I can have three lights going on the cool place but i can only have 1 light going in the warmest room because there are no plugs in the warmer room.

    Other questions i have can i grow two different types of plant together?
    I have a lowryder and top 44 and wondered if they could be growing in the same room.

    The coolest room i have is the most ideal place because i can have 175w fluorescents going there is plenty of room so i can clone my top 44 when they are big enough.

    In the warm room the 1 light is a 125w but i cant put it close to the plants because the light is fixed at the top of the ceiling and the wire is too short to move it.

    My last question is how do i clone the plants and when should i clone? I brought some horomon stuff for cloning plants some babybio liquid root stuff.
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    With spring and summer coming, I'd be going for the cool room, plus you can get more lighting.

    Yes, you can grow more than one different strain together. You may have to deal with a shorter plant by raising it to even up with a taller plant, but that's no problem.

    The height of the light in the warm room will likely make plants stretch. Not Good.

    I posted this cloning how to a couple of weeks ago. Use it as a guide, but others will surely weigh in and use their advice also to develop your own style. There are several ways to clone. My way works for me, others are successful with their way.
    I hope I've helped answer all your questions.....Good Luck

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