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  1. So i was looking on BC Bud Depot for some seeds for next years outdoor grow and there was some strains that caught my attention, such as white widow. Anyways some strains said they were indoor seeds but could i still plant them outside with good results. i plan on vegging and cloning the plants under some fluroescent lights and then transplanting them outside into 2X2X1 holes filled with some bagged soil. So, can i use indoor seeds outside????? Thanks :smoke:
  2. when u see seeds that say indoor, it just means that it grows better indoors. outdoor seeds grow better outdoors. to answer your question, yes u can plant them outdoors with good results.
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    Some breeding programs are not the same, breeders who breed plants for outdoor include genetic traits such as disease and mold/drought/pest resistance for all the weird challenges faced by us outdoormen. Indoor strains are often developed specifically for sog/scrog growing/ hydro and aero and tend towards smaller individual yields, and structural differences like upward branching instead of lateral, etc. You can certainly grow them outside, but I like outdoor strains because they seem to be blessed w/better genetics for insane growth and yields......Best!
    Forgot: This year I have 2 BC Sweettooths from clone. I think its one of their outdoor strains tho. Recommended as an early finisher for your climate. I like it, just a lot smaller than my seeded plants cuz theyre clones, and my only container plants which were put out July 8th, about 2.5 ft tall right now..
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    Do clones not have the potential to get very large? Excuse me ,I'm new...I have 5 clones and three from seed but I (possibly erroneously) thought the size difference was due to strain. The three I planted from seed are all the same variety, the clones are various other strains.The largest of the clones is about 3.5 ft The seeds are 5-7ft So is that why? Thank you in advance for the info. These are 3 of the clones The one on the left is still growing Sorry to be off the subject .ooops

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