Indoor seedling growing very slow

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  1. Growing from a bag seed, it sprouted 3 weeks ago and has hardly grown, the spear leaves turned completely yellow about a week ago. I transplanted it a couple days ago from an all organic soil to a miracle grow mix because the original soil had large wood chips that I figured weren't helping the problem.
  2. What kind of lights are you using?
  3. A small grow light I bought from Walmart, 24W 120V 60Hz

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  4. Hi miricle grow is a big no no. Adult plants find it hard to grow due to been too hot in nutes so a seedling prob totally nute burnt etc or deficiencies. I cant see pics for some reason but it will be shocked and m,grow prob. Xx
  5. Ok I can think of a few things.
    That light isn't nearly enough to get your plant going. See how it appears to be "stretching " up out of those cardboard pots( I used the same ones when I started) ? That means it isn't getting enough light. I suggest getting a few 6500k daylight CFL bulbs if you are doing an inexpensive closet grow.
    Also the soil you are using may already have premixed nutrients in it( miracle grow is notorious for having huge amounts of everything but nitrogen ) use fox farms ocean soil
    Fox farms also makes a very good nutrient formula called grow big that is perfect for veg.

    But yeah I'd focus on some lights. And let that thing dry out that cardboard is soaked! I learned to water by paying attention to the weight of my pots . Dry plants are VERY light.
    Don't give up, it's very hard to kill em .
  6. Hi just seen pics and yes nute prob as too syrong and prob plant cant get mist if ph high etc. U cud do wi a perlite/siol mix of 50/50% . This will help wi wTering... and over watering thus getting air to roots and it will dilute ya hot m.griw siol a bit. Only water wen needed wi ph water of 5.8/6.2 love and may help. Good luck love and happy growing i really hope it works out love xxxxx
  7. Alright then, so invest in some better lights and look into fox farms, thanks a lot for the help. Do you think I should cut off the yellow leaves or just leave them alone for now?
  8. Thanks Kim I will try the perlite before switching soil completely.
  9. Just leave them alone. Those will fall off anyway. Focus on your new growth
  10. What kind of nutes do you use with the fox farm ocean soil? Or does it come with enough nutes in it? This is my first grow so im still very ignorant to it all.
  11. I also use the fox farms trio.
    There is one for the vegetative state(grow big) and there is another for the flower ( tiger somethin) . Just google fox farms and you'll see their nutrient line. I got mine at a local nursery for like 20$ but idk about your area so....
  12. Still waiting for my new lights and soil to come in, it has taken off in the miracle gro but the tip half of all the leaves are yellowing, is that from too much nutes im the MG?
  13. yeah bro looks like a lil nute burn.
    when you mixed the nutes did you do them at 1/4 strength?
    also whats your watering schedule look like?
    if it isnt that long until the other soil gets here i would stop all nutes until you get the new shiz.(do a flush) they sell pretty cheap ph testers on amazon, id look into that and test the ph. but to me looks like a nitrogen defiency
    miracle grow will have your crop tasting real harsh
  14. also i didnt notice until i looked at the pic. but you dont want to do any foliage watering. the nute burn could be from the water that is on the leaves. when you water, dont soak the plant.
  15. Alright, I will switch it as soon as the fox farms stuff comes in. I haven't done any extra nutes just the MG and I mixed it in with some local organic soil. But the soil, nutes and lights should be here by tomorrow. Bought a 600watt, and I'll keep that in mind and be more careful when I water.
  16. I have it on a 24 hour light cycle right now, should I change that?
  17. sounds great keep me updated when your stuff gets here!
    and i ran a 24 hour cycle on my first grow and it did great.
    i run 18-6 now and it seems my dry weight when everything is said and done is about 20g heavier if you give em a lil break. 24-0 is good if you are first getting your feet wet.
    good choice on the lights too. those 600's tend to get a lil hot tho so be careful and make sure you got fresh air circulating and keep an eye on your temps and humidity.
    looking goooood man.

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