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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dartanianlives, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Alright, I am sure this is asked all the time, but I couldn't find a good thread on the topic. I am a first time grower, so the odds of a slip up are rather high. With that in mind, I was looking for recommendations on seed selections that would be more "forgiving" in the growing process. I read on certain sites how some strains are easier to grow and require less expertise in the field. Anyone have suggestions? I am looking to grow a small batch of 16 short plans inside. For different strains preferably to see what I do right and wrong.

  2. check out a few seed dealer web sites hope it helps
  3. From what Ive read and what some grower friends have told me, Durban Poison seems to be a more forgiving plant. Top 44 is another one, but the one everyone I know can agree on being easiest would be Chronic.
  4. if you can get your hands on them, get a lowryder hybrid...i had a LR (x) bubblegum at one point, thing grew itself.
  5. Yes Chronic is awesome and so is power plant. Power plant is very easy to grow and a killer high.
  6. I too soon well be starting the grow process. As far as plants that are easiest to grow, what about easy to grow and has low odor.
  7. Hi Realm.
    Welcome to the City. Smell can be very tricky. Try to stay away from anything that has the name "Skunk" in its name first of all. Second, the Indica strains usually smell pretty strong. Also, ventilation is a must and you can try only flowering a couple of plants at a time. Some plants smell a lot even before flower like the aforementioned strains. You can also make or buy a carbon filter which kills smell or get an O3 ozone filter. Try doing a search here on carbon filters. Someone had a good thread on how to make your own. Good luck and welcome.

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