Indoor ScrOG, 120x120/cm area, Mars Reflector 192 LED. How Many Plants Should i fit in?

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    Hello, I am planning a Grow Box grow and dont know how many plants i should fit in the box.
    Im gonna Tuck, as mentioned in the grow guide below, the Plants that get topped at 5th set of leaves and then LST the two new main stems. I thought about using four bags each 25L with each one 8-Ball kush in it.
    Growing in Soil, nutrients from Ph-Perfect edtion.
    This is gonna be my 3rd grow with a friend who's growing since 2 years.
    This is my and his first Indoor grow though. Any Suggestions/Warnings?
    Thanks in advance, Maskd ;)

    Guide: LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy
    Light: Mars Reflector 192 LED grow light(EU)
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  2. I follow LBH's Famous Scrog Tutorial to the letter and it works great. Good luck with your grow.
    Flower 5 weeks.JPG
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  3. Looking goood, your lights?
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  4. My lighting is a 650w full spectrum NextLight Mega LED. I love it.
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  5. Hi Maskd
    I'm Sara from Mars Hydro, you can put 4 plants under reflector 192, also you can put 2 plants under it, it all depends on how big plants that you want. but no more than four plants
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