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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Deh ghetto, May 9, 2016.

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    i have this gun safe in my walk incloset that i was looking to make my set up in. I need it to be discret from my parents. Its probably big enough for two plants. Is there a way I can make it not smell? Also there is no window, its just a closed room.
    Thanks for all the ideas in advance!
  2. Don't grow in your parents house without their permission, they're the ones that will get fucked. Wait till you have your own place.
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  3. It's not possible.
  4. Alright, well what if i start them off inside and then move them outside. How many days until they start smelling?
  5. They'll really start to stink when you flower them. So it's really up to you. But I still don't think you should grow in your parents house.
  6. How long do you usually wait to flower them?
  7. Depends on how big you want em to get. You could always just start em and finish em outside, it's early yet.
  8. And correct me if im wrong, flowering them is giving them less light?
  9. I'm pretty sure they require more light with flowering. Well shorter duration like 12/12 but more strength. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong but I believe that's how it is.

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    A carbon filter in a ventilation setup will greatly help with smell. But being in a gun safe might not be the best for ventilation unless you had holes cut in it with an inline fan or something. Might be hard to hide that though. But like previously mentioned probably not the best idea in your parents house.

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