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  1. Started a plant back in Nov. Just for shits an giggles. Turned out to be a female. She's about 3 foot now and it's almost may. Started a 24 hour light cycle to rejuvenate her. She has plenty of potential just wondering what I can do to help her out. I'm using a 1000w mh bulb with fox farms nutrients. I just bought a hps 1000w bulb for budding just not sure how long I can keep her in veg or if I already screwed up. Thx in advance.
  2. I started with sunlight.
  3. Plants grow 2-3 times their height when you switch them to 12/12 flower. You're plant is going to be extremely tall when you switch to 12/12
  4. I have a 10 ft ceiling I guess 9 1/2 with the light I could start low stress training? I already tied out the branches for optimal light.
  5. Yeah LST would make the plant shorter. You probably want to switch to 12/12 soon.
  6. Thx I appreciate your help I bought a hps bulb and a 450w led full spectrum viparspectra light haven't really heard much on them other than electric bill
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  7. All of this for one plant? You could have flowered that 1 plant with a 250w or 400w hps more than likely.
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  8. You can always go bigger later I was thinking of future plots. I started a few seedlings for when I switch the light over to hps
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  9. I'm comfortable with outdoors just never tried indoors before it's a learning experience for sure
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  10. True true. You should start a grow journal
  11. Yeah lights and ventilation can be a headache
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  12. I would enjoy watching your grow. Or see some of your outdoor grows. I would love to grow outside
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  13. The only problem with outdoors is crop thieves either human or animal. I had a bear in one plot eating berries and ate a few plants I Walked in and saw him enjoying himself rolling around flattening my crop.....some actually survived and turned out to be my strongest ones. Not a high yield but potency was amazing. If I could figure out how to upload I'd show you my setup
  14. I just relocated in my basement
  15. I don't really live in a location thats possible to grow outdoors. But you can upload a picture from your computer if you click "Upload a File" Its right next to "Post reply" if youre using your phone its the little + on the left.
  16. 20160413_122750.jpg Before basement with metal halide
  17. I don't have a pic of my basement yet
  18. nice! How old are they?
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    The biggest is 5 months now one month under a light now but this was a month ago and the first pic was about Month and half ago
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