Indoor purps help. (PICS)

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  1. This plant started in the middle of october indoors. I am a beginner and the plant was started by just throwing a seed in some soil.

    I did not prep it perfectly like I have later read in the forums. Plant had to be moved outside after it was the size it is now. It was outside for 6 weeks and started struggling but also turned purple.

    I took leaves off hoping it would continue to grow faster. It was put back indoors 1 week ago and it now looks happy again. I want to know if i should cut the top and cure that while letting the rest continue to grow.

    Obviously it isnt your ideal plant but i want to know if I can still smoke it haha.

    Any tips would be great on where I should go from here.

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  2. If the top is ripe, you can cut it and let the rest grow. But honestly it doesn't look like there is anything worth waiting for on the lower half of the plant.. I would cut off the top cola and dry/cure it, and make qwiso out of the other buds and the extra stalks and sugar leaves.
  3. Honestly this is a very interestingly looking plant. If I were you dude I would buy like 4 or 6 6500k's from walmart and put it into vegging for 2 weeks and than flower. Dude I think you could get some killer bud if you did that. haha it's cool looking though. I'd grow that shit

    smoking some tasty purple weed :smoking:
  4. hey man this is a crazy plant!!!:D but you should def put it back into veg.... i bet you get some tasty bud outa it!!!!:smoke:

  5. hell yeah dude thats exactly what i was thinking.... i am baked! lol

    I like the Fargo picture... nice... you ever been there?
  6. Man im so baked too!!!! but yeah i been to fargo:D... its not always that snowy!!! you been there??
  7. yeah once when I was younger... the movie is good! I grew up 2 hours from Duluth MN. lol yeah I am def. baked... have the munchies bad for like the last hour! lol
  8. thanks for posting..

    keep it coming
  9. Any idea what strain that was?Shit looks pretty good!
  10. nah i have no clue what strain it is

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