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  1. Hello guys and gals from GC ;D
    I've bene reading alot this forum and absorving loads of useful info and for that I have to thank you all.

    Im starting a new project in a house and I want to grow over 60-100 plants. (per cycle)

    I was thinking... 3-4 rooms like this:

    Room 1 - 50 plants Veg room (dunno which lamp to use :S)
    Room 2 - 50 Plants Flowering (dunno which lamp to use :S)
    Room 3 - Clones (Im thinking of using CFL lamps here)
    Room 4 - Room for the mother(s) or Poli room(seed production)...

    So this is my project... I have the money to buy the suplies.. I guess, hehe, but I dont really have experience with grow houses so I dont really know the "check list" if y'all could help me with that... :D

    I know about security and stuff like that... but tips are always welcome.

    so now that you know my situation... I'll throw some questions hehe.

    For room 1-2 which light should I use? Some people told me that for Veg state HCI lamps and for Flower State HPS but Im not sure how many lamps am I gonna need! (around 50-60 plants/room(rooms 1-2 only))
    See, since I dont have much money to spend per month I kinda needed a solution so I wont spend too much (at least at first) paying the Energy Company bill. And I know that Hps uses alot of eletricity... ofc if I only needed 1-2 250w Lamps for each room then it would be ok... but I dont really think that is the case, right?

    For room 3, im pretty sure that Fluor lamps will do the trick, but then again. how many plants/lamps?

    I also heard that the best number (in lumens) for the plants is 50000, I found a 400w lamp will do it, but Im not sure if its $$$ viable (considering bills/bud quality/Other lamps).

    Thats is about it.
    Ps. I did use the search engine and found lots of good info here in the forum... I just started this thread bcoz I really cant mess this up so I need to be 100% sure :D

    Thanks and please forgive me for any typos ;p
  2. Just one quick point you might want to consider. If you can, keep it below 99 plants, otherwise you run the risk of federal charges, even if it's an otherwise legal grow.
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    for 50 plants you need like 1000+ watts to cover the whole room. That's like three HPS bulbs, highest watt you can find. By the way, it's MH (metal halide) bulbs that are used for vegetation. Same deal there, you'd need ~three MH for that room, highest wattage.

    General rule = ~100W per plant for great yield.

    CFLs are fine for clones, just get as many as you can (again, more plants = more watts/more watts=better buds.)

    Your elec. bil is going to be huge.

    And the need a couple of air filters for each room, at every exhaust point.

    Think it through a bit more before you go through with anything. It's better to cut down your current specs to save money/space and reduce yield than to end up with an assload of bills, ya know.

    Good luck dude. Hope you figure it all out.
  4. horticultureFTW - Thx man! I'll decrease the amount of plants. Last thing I need are feds.

    dragonsfire1988: Thx for the tips man, as I said in still thinking about it bcoz there is no room for mistakes here. Im thinking of 1 exaust vent / room + carbon filter for the smell.
    As i said to horticulture im going to lower number of plants so i'll be able to pay the bill ;p

    Based on this tips u guys gave me I was thinking...
    I could lower the amount of plants and use strains that produce more...
    I dont really need a top notch bud, here where I live we are used to some very low quality buds, and when I say low I mean, grass and other stuff + too old-dry buds. :S
    I dunno if this question belong here but here it goes,
    Does anyone knows which strain produces more indoor or strains that dont require too much light?

    Again Thx to everyone ;D
  5. For any strain, more, adequate light = better plant.

    Don't know a specific strain, but Indica varieties are best for indoor because of their small stature and shorter flowering time (vs. Sativas). Autoflowers are a lot shorter than that, but produce less of a yield. They don't necessarily require less light, but they are much smaller. Using them would probably make your op a bit more manageable, albiet producing a smaller yield (good quality, though). Search the seed banks for better info, but they really only give you a general idea.

    There is a "seed bank" thread here in the growing section, which includes a lot of information on that stuff. Go there and search around, you'll find what you need.
  6. Thx man I'll search there!
    I was thinking about those autoflowering plants... but I got stuck..
    I was thinking like this: Autoflower = 2 months , and indica = 4-5months (right?)..
    So for the autoflowering Im going to use 2 months of eletricity, but the question is, does the yield compensates? Or its better to grow for 4-5 month a indica and harvest 'alot'?

    dunno which Ideia will be more 'doable'(lol)...

    I might start of with a small place and grow the autoflowering and then later move it...
    but I totally get what u mean bro, thx for this idea.

    +rep added.
  7. Thanks dude.

    As for yield per strain, it all depends on how it is grown. You've got the times about right, some autoflowers can take anywhere from 9-15 weeks (total) though, depending on strain (check the seed bank site for specifics) and Indicas are about 8-10 week for FLOWER, so tack on an extra 4 for veg (or whatever you decide to do). Most likely, you'll get a greater yield and quality out of the Indicas, but as stated, it all depends on how it is grown. You could only get 1/4 off of one Indica, and then get 1/2 from an auto, or vice just depends, ya know.

    Go with your gut and what you can really accomodate. In the time it takes to fully harvest a couple of Indicas you could've had two harvests from an Auto crop...hypothetically. But would it be more? I don't know. It just depends on conditions, strain, phenotype, etc..

    Could just go both ways and cut the crop in half. It would make for an interesting experience, and would definitely help you perfect the next round.
  8. Ye, Im gonna check the seedbank board and do some research on the possible strains and test ;p
    I got some Ww I was going to put it in the ground but right now im probably gonna grow it indoor and see how it goes ;p Im gonna order some autoflowering to test

  9. Now i'm not a seasoned vet like a lot of the guys and girls in this community but i do want to suggest thinking about trying out a smaller scale grow before dumping the thousands of dollars required for setting up a grow the size you're talking about. Try a small 400w 3-6 plant grow, make sure you know what you're doing on a small scale before jumping into the big leagues. 100 plants is a ton of overhead.
  10. Bluntskee - ye u guys right, I'll grow a small op first to feel how it goes b4 risking my neck and money on the grow house op.
    Thanks for the Tip!

  11. Umm ... do I really have to be the first to suggest this idea has "fail" written all over it?

    No offense, but if you don't already know which lights you can use for a 50 plant veg area, then you are lacking quite a bit of the knowledge necessary to grow 50 plants. imho, it doesn't seem wise planning a 100+ plant grow house with the skill/experience level I'm assuming you have based on your questions.

    On the up side, if you keep reading, it won't take long to acquire the knowledge.
  12. qes27 - Ye man ur right but its not like im going to start tomorrow you know? I started this topic so I could get some info and confirmations... I mean, there are several ways to grow right? Im just trying to find/learn the right way for my situation... I gotta make a plan first, then study it, and then think about starting it actually, but ur totally right I have alot to learn yet hehe and thx for pointing it out any tips are welcome!
    Thx man!

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