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  1. So I'm a relatively new grower and I acquired 2 indoor plants(herms) that a friend didn't want near the rest of his crop. I brought them home and stuck them outside and they've taken off like crazy. Now long story short, they were already budding and probably had about 2-3 weeks left inside till harvest. Since I put them outside, like I said they've grown tremendously and were almost ready for harvest but they now are growing more branches and started showing new buds. My question is, do I trim off the older buds and keep the new ones to grow more, leave it alone or cut them both down? Pretty sure the strain is ak47.
  2. Herms you say

    both male and female parts..?

    IMO: trash them immediatly

    you leaving them outdoors risks your hermy pollen

    getting to another grows and screwing that

    besides very few tokers actually get a buzz from smoking herm'd plants

    see this 'gift' as above your pay grade

    IMO: buy some good seeds in and grow them out

    be a better grower than you buddy

    good luck

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