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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wd2006, May 11, 2006.

  1. Okay..I am going to procure some seeds from my friend and I wish to only plant one plant, just for fun and just watching it grow and seeing my effort turn into something.

    Now I live at home with my parents so the plant needs to be small since I have a few spaces where I think I can grow it.

    Underneath my bed I have about a foot of height and like 10 feet of width. The bed is also enclosed on all sides and the room is only in the middle of the bed.

    I also have a box that is about 2 feet x 6 inches x 1.5 feet.

    Or also underneath the floor I have about 2 feet of space, I have a wooden floor and some of the shingles are loose and I can open them up.

    I also have a hole in the wall that is about 5 feet tall, 6 inches wide, 1 length.

    What would be the best space for it to grow. I think it would be the hole in the wall or underneath the floor.

    Now my second question is, how much odor do I get from having them grow in my room, the window will be open due to summer time, but dont want to have to ventilate anything.

    Thirdly I understand that taller plants produce more bud, but when space is concerned do I HAVE to grow the plant to the full of its Vegetative state, or can I induce flowering when its about a foot tall, so this way I can have a small little plant with some bud on it.
  2. Go with the hole in the wall. Also for the smell you will need a strain with no smell or a odor elminator. Another couple things are you can make it a foot then flower it, and you will definetly need a fan or some kind of vents in the growing area.
    Good luck, have fun, be safe ;).
  3. Well this is what I thought. That I grow the plants under the floor and buy a Ozone generator. Boom its a good investment and I never have to worry about smell. Then I grow the plant and LST it, and keep making it grow side ways with about only a foot of height, then I can flower it.

    What is the usual amount of time you have to wait to veg the plant and then how many weeks do you on an avg spend flowering it.

    Can you flower early like three weeks in cuz I am short on time also.
  4. flowering takes atleast 45 days and more often a full two months no matter how long it has been vegged for... you don't really have time so you're gonna have to do the outdoor thign you were talking about.

    oh, and you really need to plant more than just one seed. you have no way of knowing if it's male or female for a good month, and with males you will not get any bud. so you want try and plant atleast 3 and hope for a female.
  5. Well I decided to go for the hole in the wall since the floor thing is no good. The floor wont rip out.

    But anyway...the hole in the wall will have to be covered cuz its in a walk in closet....

    How will I ventilate plants behind a wall? the area behind it is huge and it isnt in small compartments so the air should just flow naturally...but I guess I sould have a computer fan that blows the air into a ozone generator.

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