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Indoor peppers and tomatoes

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by RongBip, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I have some 2 tomato plants and 3 pepper plants under a 400W hps and my pepper plant just showed her first flower. I heard that you should spray a mix of epsom salt and a gallon of water and spray it on the leaves and use it once a month in your watering. Well, since I just got this bloom out, I want to try and do this quick, but its too late to go to the store. I have some epson salt and it is lavender scented from walgreens. the ingredient list is as follows;
    -Magnesium sulfate,
    -Fragrance, (which I assume is just lavender oil, but who knows)
    -Potassium/Magnesium Aspartate,
    -Zinc/Magnesium Aspartate,
    -Calcium Silicate

    Would this be safe to use in lieu of normal epsom salt? I am recording every dollar I spend and I am doing this to try and save money (short of my electric bill:eek:). I want to get it on tonight to see if it makes a difference, and tomorrow, I do plan on getting some tomato nutes/ferts (is there a difference between the two btw?, cause I use the terms interchangeably) and was hoping for that to be the last dollar spent on these babies.

    I also have a tiny bit of yellowing on some of the outside leaves on my plants which is why I am bothering with the epsom, but everything else is running quite well, and they look healthier than my outdoor batch.

  2. Alright its bed time for me. I am gonna try it out and let you guys know how it works in the morning. :wave:
  3. Well Good news!

    I sprayed that epsom salt and I also made a little molasses/water mixture and gave them a nice dose of each last night. Wow, the leaves already look a lot greener and darker just overnight. I will probably give them a nice foliar mist of that stuff every once in a while. I also saw that not only is there just one blossom, there are like 10 more underneath it!

    I have the same varieties growing outside as well and they are far behind my indoor grow. Right now I have lights on them 24/0 and it seems to be doing well, I could probably do just as well 18/6 but I am having trouble with my timer.

    When it gets to fruiting time, I will compare the inside and outside veggies, wow I never knew growing these could be this much fun.

    Cant wait to start some ganj:smoke:
  4. What kind of peppers are you growing? I've started a grow inside a pc grow box of some jalapeño peppers, mimosa pudica (google it, really neat plant) and Trinidad scorpion Butch T peppers, which are the hottest peppers in the world, over 1.4 million SHU. I planted the jalapeño and mimosa pudica seeds between 6/5 and 6/6 and am waiting now for my Trinidad scorpion Butch T seeds to come in the mail. I will start a grow log once I get some sprouts.
  5. I have some early jalapenos, purple beauty peppers, and thai hot peppers. Tomatoes are beefsteak and delicious tomatoes. Wow those trinidads must be crazy haha, what do you plan on doing with them?

    Also, well, my plants were looking good, but today I decided to get some tomato ferts for it. I think its some 8-5-5, but right now they look slightly worse than before. I put in 2 capfuls into the first inch of soil and gave them a good watering earlier this morning, and now I see a little more progression of yellow, even on my plant that looked perfect before. However, all of them JUST started blooming on the same day pretty much. I guess its a little early to tell, but I am afraid that I burned them with all the nutrients.

    If I did, how should I go about dealing with nute burn. I was thinking of taking out the top layer of soil and replacing it with compost (I probably should have just stuck with this tbh) or topsoil. And then taking the trays out and flushing water through the soil. But would that cause more harm than good? Or after watering a few times will the nutes "even out" in there and I just deal with a few spots for now.

    I really should get some pics huh.
  6. Not really sure what I'll be doing with the Trinidad peppers. I know I'll try one with my friends, I'll save seeds from a few, sell some seeds, make some pepper spray, some hot sauce. That's what's on the list now.

    And yeah, you definatly nute burned your plants. Big time. What you should do is flush a bunch of water through your plants, till you think all the nutes are gone, then flush som more. You want to slowly introduce your plants to the nutes, starting at 1/4 of what the recommended dose is on the bottle.
  7. Well, I just checked them again and it is not progressing as fast as I thought it would.

    I will give it the night and see how it looks early tomorrow morning. I am going to be gone for two days possibly tomorrow too, so I will scoop out the top layer of soil, replace it with fresh soil and flush it if I see a lot more burn tomorrow morning.

    The leaves that are not yellowing on the oustside look very healthy though. Maybe that is the epsom from the other day kicking in.

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