Indoor PC grow, need some tips/advice.

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    Sup GC. I plan on running a very small PC grow, only one plant (I cannot be bothered with dealers in the UK anymore, it's terrible + I'm extremely hyped about starting my own grow, seeing the plants through and then enjoying the finished product).

    The PC case itself will also then be in a closet. I need help preventing ANY smell whatsoever, I'm not joking when it comes to this, I cannot afford ANY smell.

    Things I know for certain:

    - Barely anyone will enter the room where the grow is.
    - No one apart from myself will open the closet.

    So that means any light/noise aren't really a problem, it's just the smell I'm worried about.

    I'll be making one of these:$40.html#post4534923

    Are there any other precautions I should take regarding the smell? I'll be duct taping every possible gap in the case (apart from the intake/outtake fan) to try and prevent any smell escaping from there. (Obviously the outtake fan will pass the air through the scrubber)

    Should I place a bowl of ONA gel in the case with the plant or would that be detrimental to there health/growth?

    With the D.I.Y carbon scrubber in place along with a bowl of ONA gel inside the case, inside the closet and inside the room be enough to prevent someone entering the room from catching a whiff of sweet dank? (EDIT: Just saw the idea on a thread to grow a 'scented' strain, such as one that smells like lemons etc, then I could pass the smell of partly to an air freshener that I'd have in my room, would still prefer no smell at all though)

    EDIT: I was thinking about purchasing one of these ([ame=]Mini Ozone Generator Air Purifier Plug in Model. Black: Electronics[/ame]) I'd say my closet is around 2 x 1.5 x 1. This generator outputs 50mg's of ozone per hour, would that be enough to make a decent impact on any residual smell from the carbon scrubber?

    (I have done some research about the following things but direct advice is always a lot more helpful)
    Ok, so that's enough about smell. The next tip I need is about pH, can you get a pH metre that you just stick into the soil instead of having to flush your soil with water and check the run-off? I want to have the case open as little as possible to minimise smell.

    Nutrients. This is a big thing for me, I have NO idea what nutrients to get, how much to use, when to use it/how often etc, any help with this would be appreciated.

    I think thats about it for now, I will add more if I feel there is anything I missed out, the main concern is the smell though.

    Thanks to anyone who read this/posted any advice, cheers GC.
  2. Come on guys, I really need some help with this. In just under a month I'm moving into an apartment which I'll be sharing with my cousin (he's very anti-marijuana, he can't find out).

    For anyone who says this is disrespectful he's paying me 1/3 of the total rent per month to live with me, it's a 2 bedroomed, 1 living room/diner/kitchen, 1 bathroom etc.

    So yeah, please help me here guys, especially with the smell.

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