Indoor/Outdoor and Nutrient Challenges

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  1. Hi guys,

    New to the forum and first grow so I appreciate your patience with my questions! I live in the Northeast U.S., with a ground floor patio. Northwest exposure, not ideal, so I’ve experimented a bit. Attached are photos.

    · Plant 1 was grown outdoors then taken in to induce flowering, with CFLs totaling 140 watts.
    · Plant 2 was grown outdoors more or less from the start.

    As you can see, 2 is doing much better than 1, though I know some yellowing occurs during flowering. Both were LST’d. I’d be grateful for any insight on the following 3 questions:

    · Looks like 1 has a nitrogen deficiency, but I’m trying to do my first grow cheap so I’m not taking readings or anything. Also light burn. I’ve read about how to correct, but any thoughts on whether this is OK enough to salvage?
    · It appears 2 is into flowering. Does flowering begin when there’s 12/12 light or simply when the days begin getting shorter?
    · Is it OK to put outdoor plants inside under grow lights on rainy days or does the back and forth stress them too much? Is it usually better to grow outdoors whenever you can?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  2. Wheres the photo and without a ppm and ph meter your playing a huge guessing game...good luck

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  3. you forgot the pics brother
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    Sorry, a couple kind folks pointed out I didn't attach the pics properly! Editing original...
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  5. Welcome! As you know, that first plant is in pretty rough shape. Definitely deficient, as you pointed out. Container is way too small as well. That one is flowering too. Hard to transplant that far along, but it's starving! Remove those dead leaves and give it a feeding. You might salvage a couple buds.

    Flowering indoors occurs at the12/12 switch. Flowering outdoors occurs as the days get shorter. Here in the northeast flowering starts around the end of July, early August outdoors.

    Moving the plants indoors under artificial light and back to outdoors would cause stress (unless you perfectly matched the daylight hours indoors). Rather than move them around, I'd just cover it when it rains. Its small enough so just an umbrella may do it.

    Growing indoors or outdoors is a personal preference. A lot of us do both. Personally, I really enjoy outdoor growing. The plants really thrive in that natural sun, so the yields can be insane.

    Best of luck. Keep reading the'll learn a ton here.
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  6. Thanks WesternMAGrower! Very helpful.
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  7. Hi Folks,

    Thought I'd provide an update so people might learn from my mistakes on the first plant, and I have a question on the second. See photo of harvest from first plant, if you can even call it a harvest. LOL. These aren't even buds(?) but as a first timer I thought I'd practice cutting and trimming.

    However I have hope for plant number two! Not sure if it's ready to harvest? Trichomes look clear so it seems like it needs more time but I'm concerned about light. It's only getting approx. 4 hours outdoors now. Would it make sense to move indoors for the buds to fatten?

    Thanks for any insight!

    IMG_0257.JPG Plant 2 9.13_1.JPG Plant 2 9.13_2.JPG

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