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Indoor or outside sex

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, Jun 24, 2003.


Well which is it??????

  1. I'd rather do it indoors

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  2. I don't want someone watching me

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  3. I love sex outside in the open air

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  4. I love sex any where as long as it's goood!!!

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  1. Uh\'ve told on yourselves now.. Craddle robbers! LMAO! School house brick eh?
  2. ........l,am not gunna get involved this one ,lol.

  3. Come on critter! I had you in mind when I came up wwith this thread!!!!!

    You being in the outback and down under!!!!!
  4. l think l was refering to you calling rumjilly a ...\"Ok rmjl.. can we safely say.......................anywhere anytime then?? \"....[​IMG]

  5. OK but i still want to know your story on this topic!!!!!!!!
  6. anywhere anytime as long as its good sex :D or not ,lol....p.s. lets face it when ya pushing 49 yrs old ya take what ever sex is on offer my friend .:D.
  7. i would do it anywhere as long as no one was watchin...... i like fukin outdoors too..
  8. hehehe i luv the outdoors. the hubs and i do it at the lake outside sometimes. after a few rums of course lol. he\'s been trying to get me to do it on the trampoline outside wich sounds fun but someone would definatley see or hear us.
  9. Anyone here a part of the mile high club yet? meaning did you have boom boom in a airplane?

    I\'m not a member.......yet


  10. Nope.. But I am a member of the floating sex club... Out on the boats!!!!!!1

    Superb!!! :D
  11. under water sex
  12. Anywhere and everywhere...I mean, it\'s sex, does it matter lol?
  13. Just get naked and fuck! Megan

  14. I\'ve had sex in the Andaman Sea off the coast of an island in Thailand but its all about what kinda sex is better rather then where. I\'ve had amazing sex in a bathroom stall at some bar where I\'ve had horrible sex in a five star hotel.
  15. I guess I\'m conservative... well, not really. But I like my private I guess. Don\'t get me wrong... there\'s nothing wrong with good clean kinky sex. But I\'d rather not worry about ending up like that couple that got it on the the bleachers and had that video posted all over the internet. Besides, no one likes sand up their ass or bugs on their boobs. :D
  16. I love sex any and everywhere. honestly I think that it\'s a little more exciting when there\'s a chance you can get caught. I mean, it depends on the mood too I guess. If i am being all lovey-dovey then yea, indors and sweet....but if i\'m just having fun...outdoors is always fun too!! outside and in the fun! damn...getting a little hot here...:D
  17. whats the point of having invigorating sex outdoors with out the thought of voueyerism.... Just the thoguht that people could be watching you kinda makes it a lil more wild.... because you know there sititng there.... being like \" Fuck, i sooo wish i was doing that with him/her her right now\" In a sense your making people jelous because they wouldn\'t watch if they didn\'t want it for themselves... So for me the thought alone can make things much more exciting.... and the wildest sex is also usually the riskiest....
  18. :cool:

    In a Park, on a Horse,in a car, in a Bar,under the stars................Well, ya\'ll know what I mean. LOL
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