Indoor or Outdoor Growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Ganja Master, May 15, 2011.

  1. I have both options. I already have 6 plants that are about 2 1/2 weeks old. They are doing great. I cant decide if i should grow them outside or inside. WHat do u suggest?

    I dont have a big area to grow indoors. but i do have a farm with 90 acres so i was thinking that would be good. lemme know!
  2. Do both. In three months, you could have an indoor crop that will make waiting until the end of fall a little easier.
  3. Yes do both, but if you cant then Id go with outdoor, and put them in 5-30 gallon buckets, the bigger the root space the bigger the plants, and unless your rich you cannot produce indoors, what you would produce outdoors. If done correctly you can get 1Lb-5 Lb + off one plant outdoors, and in a growroom you will be lucky to produce 2 pounds off a bunch of plants with 1000w hps and good conditions.
  4. Yea Outdoors would be much bigger yields. Would you recommended allowing the plant to veg on a 24 hour light until about a 12- 18 inches tall then force it into flowering by moving it outdoors, or would you recommended allowing them to grow throughout the summer without forcing it into flowering?
  5. You should move them outside, and let them grow for whole summer, but you cant have them on 24 hours light before you do or they will flower, and this answers your other question: they will most likely hermie and grow messed up if you go from 24 hour light indoors to outdoor 15/10 lets say. You must harden them off, grow them indoors for another 2 weeks id say since you have been on 24 hours light.... I wqould have started them on 18/6 atleast to get them acustom to outdoor light schedule. 16/8 is best for moving them outside, keep them on that for 2 weeks then move outside, and let them do their thing. You have to keep them in shade for a few days cause the Outdoor light will burn them, this is hardening them off, and I hope you have fans on inside, cause they will snap outside from the wind if not.
  6. ok I have the light at 18/6 for now and will put them to 16/8 for another two weeks. and yes i have a fan o and the plants are doing well. Thanks

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