Indoor Northern Bright Fem Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Pmath, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Ok so this is my first grow.... 8-02-03

    I'm useing a cheap fan from walmart and a 100w compact floro

    I'm only doing one plant for now - mainly because its my first time and I don't want to waste seeds.

    I started off gernimating the seed in a paper towel and a ziplock bag - I got a nice sized taproot and last night planted the seed in some soil and one of those jiffy pots - I put the 100w compact floro over this and it burnt out in like 10 mins - I put a 50w one that I had over top of it for the mean time till I get a new light - I'll keep you guys posted and take pictures probably later this week.
  2. Took me a lil while to get these off my friends digi cam...but this is 3 days after planting my germinated seed - she is under 200 watts of compact floro 24hrs with a fan...

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  3. one more - 8-05-05

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  4. another

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  5. last one - 3 days after planting

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  6. Thanks! I have since move the lights alot closer and she has grown a bit more - I'm gonna try to take some more pictures this weekend
  7. also, mist her approx 4 times a day as the root system will not be developed enough to allow for a lot of water uptake, so the leaves will do the same job for ya.........Peace out......Sid

  8. I'll give that a shot thanks
  9. Good luck with the grow.I'll be checking out the progress.

  10. woah, i totally didnt know that. i'll have to remember that for future reference. i thought that the watter would act like little lenses burning the baby leaves.
  11. yeah it works fine, hey digit, i didn't know you grew!.......what have you got going at the moment?.........Peace out.........Sid
  12. day 10

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  13. day 10

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  14. one more to come

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  15. last one

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  16. damn, that thing looks like a beaut
  17. Thanks - shes still a little weak still but I have the fan on her and i mist her a couple times a day (thanks sid) - I want to build her a grow box and get a light for flowing down the road...
  18. at this point, if i were you i'd transplant her, into at least a 3 gallon bucket or even better still a 5..........just fill the new pot with soil.....then make a big hole in the middle.......then turn the pot the plants in upside down, to get it out in one go, and then put it in the middle of the big pot, and gently pat in the soil around it........while doing this, you make sure that the plant goes deeper, so that when the soil has all been added, the leaves will be really close to the soil, and it will help with the lanky stem, then water it..........Peace out.......Sid

  19. nothing. like my story went... that was my last grow.

    the one before it was my best where i had one plant that i devoted all my attention to, had a reasonable light and it turned out to be a male.

    anyways.. growing isnt my biggest passion (athough its up there in my top ten)... i much prefer trying to push for legalisation so i neednt worry about getting caught growing, smoking whatever. it shouldn't fucking be ilegal!

    daaamn you guys.

    i've been here all this time and done VERY well to stay away from th grow forums. ... i just know i'm gonna wanna start growing again soon. lol. keep getting dragged in here when i just wanna drool over some pictures and see how everyone's grows are doing.
  20. So I go away for a day...and come back the following afternoon only to find that my plant starting to yellow as well as droop...I thought I may have over-watered her before I left so I just misted her a bit because the soil was completly dry - that was wed when i got back - She started to look like she was doing better her the second set of leaves looked health and had a distinct shape to them - today I plucked off the two completly yellowed leaves and transplanted her into a larger pot and misted along with a bit of water at the bace - tonght I go and check and she is tiny shiviled up a bunch and looked she is dieing if not dead...I'm gonna try to get pictures tomorrow to see if any of you think there is hope and go from there - this is a sad day

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