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  1. Hey guys! New here and I have a quick question.. I have a pest control company coming out to my house once every month or so and I am worried about the pesticide they spray out and inside my house.. Will it be harmful for my operation? And how do I go about expelling the tent to the person?

    ALSO if you guys have any tips or guides to point me to for indoor tent growing it is much appreciated.
  2. No worries. Most home commercial insecticides and sprays available to the public use a chemical in a class called "pyrethrins" which are come from the chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethrins breakdown quickly in the environment and have little effect on humans. That is why the pest guys can spray every month. Generally the chemical compound degrades within a week or two tops. In fact, this very same chemical is found in many "natural" insecticides used by growers into flower and are used even up to harvest. The more aggressive "pyrethoid" insecticides are engineered (think of them as pyrethins on steroids) to last much longer in the environment and are much more toxic in general. Your pest guy is NOT using these chemicals. In short, there is nothing to worry about IMHO.
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  3. What exactly are they spraying and what are they spraying for?

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  4. Just your typical pest spray I'm assuming. I solved this issue by just not letting pest control spray inside the house, only outside. Thank you for your support though! I created another question that explains everything I'm trying to do with this first grow.. Would appreciate the help. Thank you!

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