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  1. Where can I find out what those weird measuring symbols in Cervantes 'Indoor Marijuana Horticulture' mean?
    one example in page 89:

    "many growers use / cup hydrated lime and fl cup dolo"
    (I assume it means 1/2cup and full cup, but assumptions are for asses. It also doesn't say what it is added to. A ft3 soil?)

    "Do not use more than fi cup hydrated per ft3"
    :)confused: What the hell is fi cup? there are fi cups and inches all over this book's edition. Will the fi's and fl's all mean the same measurement once someone tells me what one means on one page. Or was fi & fl a printers error where an unspecified measurement was supposed to be inserted, therefore requiring a different measure on different pages containing "/","fi", & "fl"?:confused: )

    Otherwise, as everyone knows, its a excellent book. But without a clear representation of measurement[​IMG], for mixing, it's pointless. Though I gleaned a treasue trove of new knowledge not available in other books. Which is why I want Cervantes's measurements.
    Can I give Jorge's pubilsher this book back in exchange for one without the errors? Is there a place on this site or that interprets the errors from various pages? Seems like there should,at least, be one for those of us who purchased this book. May I suggest one become posted at considering it is his site and listed in his book? It may be several months b4 I can afford to buy his 5th edition.
    Also, does anyone know if the 5th ed is prone to such critical errors?
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    someones gotta know the answer
    Come on, sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssspring is STARTING

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