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  1. So this is my first indoor grow and to test this out I've got 4 germinated seeds in a red solo cup in a simple computer case grow, I have the light fairly close to the cups but what I am curious about is that the light is a simple 23 watt cfl I want to know whether these plants will sprout, thanks in advance
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  2. Germinated means that they have sprouted . So I am confused . Seeds need soil , water , and warm temps to germinate .. The 23 CFL will be ok , for a start , but CFLs need to be with in a few inches of the plant to do any good as there light doesn't penetrate very far . One CFL bulb can't cover 4 plants . I'm concerned also that 4 plants will be too many for your small area . also without ventilation it could get too warm for your plants ,85 F or less or 30 C is the limits
  3. Would you by chance know how to make a light dock to mount in my computer case grow?
  4. A computer case grow is only going to support one very carefully pruned plant and even then, it's not going to yield you very much. I would definitely try to go with a more indica-based strain because they tend to be a shorter, bushier plant than those in the sativa end of things. Honestly, all you're going to get out of this is maybe a little knowledge...which is a good thing, but you just can't grow a nice healthy plant in a computer case and do much with it because there isn't enough space and you can't give your plant enough light without creating damaging heat. Even CFLs create a good bit of heat when in such a confined space. Getting a plant to grow well and produce like it should is directly proportional to the strength and quality of lighting it grows under. CFLs will veg a plant fine, but they're not what you want to veg with. They will cause the plant to flower somewhat, but the plant is usually weak and lanky and the buds light and arid instead of large and dense. But any experience is a notch in your belt. Each individual plant you grow needs the most, best quality grow lighting it can get...and the more of it, the better. We ended up with 4000 watts of hps for flower per room and only when we got the light up to that level did I start to harvest the kinds of buds I had been trying to do all along and got more of them. Really good light means you'll get development deeper into the plant. The buds I harvested this evening off a plant were just as large as those up toward the top of the plant and were as nice and dense and impressive as anything on the giving each plant enough space and enough light is what will make your yield the best possible. TWW
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  5. Yes a 23w CFL is more than enough. Better if it's cool white and not warm white. As the plant gets bigger you might want to add more cfls but that's easy.
    Have you got all 4 seeds in one cup?
    This wouldn't be a good idea best to keep them in separate pots as transplanting them later as seedlings would be quiet hard.
    Good luck with the grow.

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  6. Not sure how big the computer case is but I presume your just using it as a seedling box.

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  7. Thankyou for the information I have decided that I will hold back on growing until I have all the right supplies such as a fan a cfl light dock and some reflection material for now I am going to put them back into damp tissue for germinating while I go and buy proper supplies
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  8. I has them in seperate cups but I think next time I'll just do one plant in the case
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  9. What you really need is a grow tent , a carbon filter ,an inline fan matched for the carbon filter , a speed controller to change speeds on the inline fan , a grow light , ( LEDs are great and require less cooling costs ) some ducting to connect fan , filter and exhaust point , a thermometer /hygrometer , a 60x or 100 x loupe (to check trichomes with) good potting soil , Perlite ( to mix in with the good potting soil for better drainage) , planters , a fan (desk , tower ,oscillating ) to move air inside the tent , a rachet yoyo (to raise and lower your light easily) a pan under planter to catch run out water , fertlizer and a spot for the tent .. ebay has all these things for sale
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  10. Your obviously working on a budjet, is that right? I think my initial setup cost me about $2000 all up and I'm adding to that every day.
    If your on a budget then just stick to the essentials.
    Maybe an old closet with the inside painted white or lined with mylar.
    Make a hole in the roof and one in the bottom for air to flow through.
    Best to add a small in line fan to the hole in the roof blowing air out this will give you good air flow inside. You should be able to pick one up for 20 or 30 bucks.

    You can grow with cfls but obviously their not the best so if you're gonna splash out on one thing make it the lighting, LED being the best. If your only doing one plant then you will get away with one in 200w - 400w range anymore and you'll want to go bigger.
    If your doing DWC a good ph meter and ppm meter is essential. I learned that the hard way.
    A grow tent is the way to go but they can cost a bit.
    Anyway it's your first grow you will learn so much and you can pick up more supplies as you go.
    Best of luck.

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