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  1. Once upon a time there was a dude. This dude really wanted to set up his own self sufficient supply of the "fruit" from a special type plant.

    To go about achieving his goal the dude read as much stuff as he could about growing this particular plant and reached the conclusion that growing veg plants indoors then shifting them outdoors would be an interesting plan of attack.

    The dude is stuck on a few things.

    If he kept a high photoperiod up until the vegging plants were big enough to throw into flower and then moved them outdoors what sort of things would he need to think about?

    The dude lives in the southern hemisphere, where he lives the days get longer from Mid Sep and Summer solstice occurs late Dec.

    Will the dudes plants vegged indoors under 24 hours of light switch to flower straight away if he moved them outdoors.

    Do the days have to be getting shorter for a plant to flower or can they just be shorter than what it was used to i.e. 24 hr light dropped to less than 14 for example?

    Do plants go back into veg after winter solstice i.e. days start getting long again?

    What would you say to this dude if he was a real dude?
  2. I think you have to decide if you are an indoor grower, and use lights to totally support your grow, or an outdoor grower who relies on the sun.
    People who mix the two regimes often stress their plants and get hermies, and never seem to get much yield anyway.
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    I know a dude who certainly isn't an experienced grower, but he theoretically vegetates plants indoors under 24 hrs. of light and then puts these plants outside to produce fruit. Rumor has it he does this year round in his latitude where there is never any frost.

    I've been told he harvested fruit in February, April and July and his main harvest will be in Oct., Nov. and January.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Oldschool, have a couple of questions:

    Q1)How long does he give these plants 24/0 for before he moves them outside?

    Q2)How long does it take for them to fully fruit once outside?

    I've just had a think and it seems that the only time you couldn't throw them outside to flower would be when there are frosts around, I suppose you'd have to have them done/harvested by then and wait till the frosts stop again before putting anymore out - is that the gist of it?

  5. Hypothetically he would vegetate the plants (clones mostly from what I've heard) for 8-12 wks and then set them outside to flower. Total time to harvest is around 5-6 months but I understand he has them staggered so the fruits can be harvested every 2-3 months.

    This dude lives in a sub-tropical climate so there isn't any frost. The best growing conditions are in the middle of winter (Jan.-Feb.) because the humidity is low and the temps aren't so brutal.


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