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  1. SUP, I have been looking around the sites, and lots of different pictures. I have 4 plants i don't have a digi camera, but i sure wish that I did so I could brag like everyone else seems to be doing. Why are the majority of all the indoor plant pictures that i have seen, grown in dirt? WHY? WHY? WHY? I have also seen only a few, but they are out there, pictures of plants that are grown hydroponically. The pictures of the hydro plants are always good but the story behind the pictures don't add up to me. I have seen pictures of plants grown using hydro methods, that have vegged for 3 to 4 months and are only maybe 16inches tall, without topping. I vegged my four plant for 3 weeks under flouro useing a pure upscaled nft system. My plants at 3 weeks vegging were around 3 feet. NO LIE. The plants were growing at a minimum of 8 inches a day. some days were less some more. I am getting a camera so that the next time around i can visually document this experiment and share it with all of you. This is a great healthy hobby. If any of you out there need help setting up a small or a large scale hydro system of any type let me know. PEACE>out^
  2. Hello there.

    Where I dont doubt you are haveing tremendous success growing hydro, most people just starting off are not yet ready to take on the hydroponic challenge, and while I'm certian its not as difficult as some might portray, it still seems a bit impracticle for those just starting off, or for those who dont have lots of space, or for those easily intimidated without much confidence they can accomplish something of this nature. than there are people like me, who enjoy working with natures intended way of growing, to fully understand how such things work, and for the perhaps unfortunate time when you cant hit your local hydroponic store and pick up a bottle of ph down.... because it just got bombed by your president on lsd.

    that said... I have been reading alot on hydroponic growing lately and it DOES seem like the way to go, as soon as I get the extra cash to do so (this is a joke for those who have read any of my latest posts...extra cahs that is...har har. anyway...) and as soon as I can understand most of the lingo you hydro xperts use..its rather difficult for me...

    and so perhaps I will take your offer up soon, if it is still standing when I am ready to advance to this step...

    but for now, my question to you is: why do you suppose most the pictures youve seen of hydro grows are so underdeveloped for their age...mere lack of experience?

    take care.

  3. I am unsure of the lack of experiance needed to set up a small scale hydro system, For it is very simple( once you get the hang of it) "If at first you dont suceed ..........try and try and try. It really doesn't take a whole lot of room, actually it takes up less space and time than the more conventional ways (DIRT). And as for all hortoculture just a little patience. As for the pictures of other hydro grows I have really no idea of what is or was going on. Probaply not enough light or the wrong type. Who really knows but the grower. The offer for help is always good my friend. I am always willing to pass on my know hows and know don't

    Peace> out
  4. Ill certianly hold you too it one day soon.

    thank you much.

    have a nice rest, that is if you are one who actually sleeps at night...unlike the people i know who are out sucking the blood of young, beautiful..



  5. I myself frefer the hydro way if anything i find it less time consuming than growing in soul everything is on timers just about anyone can figure out a way to make a nice system for under 100 dollars i myself came up with a sort of eb and flow system using soda bottles little bit of one inch hose ,4 shut off valves and a pump everything you need is at your local home depot The quallity of soil grown ganja doesnt compare to the hydro
  6. I live in the woods bro...

    I built this computer from pine needles and ancient glass, I dont have a local home depot... any suggestions?


    take care.
  7. you can allways grow the hydro by doing the watering yourself thats how i started growing the K G B AKA KILLER GREEN BUD only draw back is its more time comsuming well worth the work though

  8. OH YEA check out that should help you out considerably

  9. I also happened upon today, they sell ballasts and such... I didnt venture into pricing at all, but perhaps for all you in the UK might check it out, they may be up there in price... but you never know.

    thanks for the reference ... i will add it to my list..

    take care.
  10. file:///F:/DCIM/104CANON/IMG_0517.JPG
  11. ive never seen ne thing like it can anyone explain my mystery:wave:

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