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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kgh-420, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. OK this is what im working with..
    1-250w hps
    1 4' 3 tube, 40w per tube floro
    1 4' 2 tube, 40w per tube floro
    plus a couple smaller 18"
    15w floros.
    ok I want to set up a veg box with some floros.
    And flower with hps and maybe 2 15w 18" floros
    was thinking of a 4x4x6 for the flower box
    and a 4x4x4 for the veg box with the 1 4' 3 tube floro
    how long should I veg and how many plants can I maintain like this? I would gladly take any advice as this is my first time trying to seriously grow. please fill free to e-mail me with advise..
  2. Well to give you an indication for you're growspace you'll need appox 2500 lumers per square have 4x4=16sf.....hence needing approx 40,000're 250hps will give off approx 28,000 for the fluros, i'm not too sure.....but if you're planning on 2 grow scrog, you'll prob need more light.......however this is only a guide...somtimes you just have to try and get by with what you may be better suited to a 3x3....possibly 4 plants...the fluros round the side to help the veg under the canopy, and the hps at the top.....however this would make it longer for overall growing as you don't have 2 rooms for a non stop production......good ventilation is needed....air-exchange, and the temp between 70-80 degrees farenheit...........Peace out....Sid

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