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  1. ok you guys its my first year of indoor growing n im at loss of thought so can u guys give me some of the cheapest but most efficent ways to grow in my room and i need the order of the different lights changes at the different stages of life n how much fert i use n wen i use it oh n can i make a grow tent with some blankets some nails n some wood id realy appreciate the info thnax guys
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    do some research and find out how for yourself. there are many different ways to grow weed. if you're serious about it, then you won't mind spending the time to learn a thing or two. There is tons of information on the interwebs, you only have to search for it.

    i get so bugged at people who ask these broad questions and expect someone to outline their whole grow for them. like "oh you need these exact lights, soil, and you'll get these the best buds you could ever grow". the fact is, what works for some, won't work for others.

    pure laziness.
  3. If you click the link in my sig, i have a really basic cfl grow going on in my closet. Everything purchased at walmart. If you have any questions after you look at it, let me know.

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