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  1. Bought a cheap chinese 250w ( 600w replacement apparently) off if for 33$ shipped. It seems to be good other than i dont believe the true power being made, but maybe it is 600 equivalent, sitting 20" above smaller plants and celery is growing 1/4" to 1/2" a day along with green onion and garlic, point is these work but wondering other peoples experience and thoughts, thanks.

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  2. I never use led only mh hps
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  3. That is so cool, thanks for sharing!
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  4. Lol well I shared because I felt bad because u had no replies lol. Try talking about weed not garlic and onions lmfao . Lame ass post.
  5. Maybe try the indoor forum for a answer. We rely on sunshine in the outdoors.
  6. It is not a 600 watt replacement/equivalent of anything. Ignore that number. All the 600 means is the diodes are able to handle 600 watts but its ran at less so they last longer. It's kind of shady advertising but it is what it is

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