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  1. Ok, here's my question. I started my plant in the middle of february, around the 22nd or so. I've been using sunlight instead of artificial light, taking it to different windows as needed, but it gets sun from sunrise to sunset. It is now march 19th, and my baby is about 6 1/2 inches tall now. How long from now will it be before I start seeing smokable buds on her?
  2. You are about 3 weeks into a 10 or 12 week cycle, depending mostly on what flavor you are growing. Don't rush it, I think it needs to grow much taller before flowering.

    Ths concept is interesting though. Is it able to get full sun most all day? I wonder if the glass acts as a filter?
  3. Yeah, it gets sun all day every day, I have a window that faces east and one that faces west. I put it in the east window once the sun goes down and the plant goes to sleep (the leaves droop when there's no sunlight, hence its sleeping) and when I come downstairs in the morning, the plant is awake and soaking up sunlight. Between noon and 130 I take it out of the east window and put it in the west window, and it stays there til the sun goes down completely, then I repeat the cycle all over again the next day. The leaves almost seem to double in size every day, so I know its healthy as hell, and its super stinky already, I'm just curious as to how long the actual buds will take to grow. Oh, another question, can you keep a plant growing, even after the harvest? Will it bud again if you take proper care of it? And if so, how do you do that?
  4. If you have a South window upstairs, that will work well too. I hear that you can go back to veg after harvest but it will take some time. I also hear it is probably worth it. I am not at all sure if you can do it with natural sunlight though.
  5. Ok, so how do you go back to veg? How would I do it if I had an artificial light? I'd love to be able to keep her around for as long as possible and harvest her continually
  6. Do you know how many light/dark hrs it is getting?
    The thing is a couple a days its the first of spring.
    The days dont get shorter until 21 June. Its not gonna flower
    for a long time. In all likelyhood, the plant will be a small tree
    by then. Once the days hit 12/12, your plant will begin to flower
    and it will double, sometimes triple in size from there. See what
    Im gettin at?
    Are you able to grow outside, or do an op inside?
    Hope this helps. Cheers.

  7. You would need artificial light. Some CFL would work fine. Just put it back under CFL for 24x7 to get it back in veg. It would be much better to take clones off her and just keep her in veg for as long as possible, then go to flower for one last time.

    I think this is accurate, there is better info in the forums.
  8. Ghost,
    If you do what I told u, u could be
    able to reveg/harvest up to 5 times.
    Each harvest danker, because of the massive
    root growth over this time. No smaller than a
    5 gal should be used.

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