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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gunner9218, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. this may sound a little noobish but where in the house is the best place to grow like keep it out of sight when people come over ....i dont have a basement:eek:
  2. um...a closet? search for discreet'll probably find some creative stuff.
  3. Do you still live with your parents? If so then hiding a full on grow from your parents is not going to be an easy job considering you'll have an excess of noise, smell and possibly heat coming from your room. It's possible but just think and plan ahead. Try to avoid attics since it will get really hot unless you make a concerted effort to thouroughly ventillate it and AC it.
  4. yea i still with me just worried bout the smell more then anything. Im thinking about building a little closet like thing maybe 4 feet tall and 4 or 5 feet wide and have a door to it. I just want to plant one plant to see how it turns out. Anyways after tht put it in my closet. I think this could work out my parents arent really home all the time. Now i just need shopping to do
  5. Some things to consider:
    1. Choosing a strain that will do well with limited spaces. Avoid sativa's or sativa dominant varieties since they can get quite tall. Or if you really want to grow a sativa just try flowering a rooted clone to give yourself some extra space later on in flowering.
    2. It's better to eliminate the smell, with a carbon filter, rather than covering up the smell with some sort of masking agent.
    3. How are you going to ventilate your closet or grow area?
    4. Read up on basic cannabis cultivation. You'll be thankful later when you encounter a problem.
    5. Lastly you should consider what the consequences of being caught. It still is your parent's house so it's their rules. Just think about it.
  6. huh maybe growing indoors is a bad thing right now ...ill just germinate the seed let it grow from my window for a week or 2 then go to my spot and plant it there giving its nutes and stuff and check 3-4 times a week make sure everything is all good. IF i do start this ill post a thread on my progress i plan to start soon .
  7. Good luck bro. Trust me, even if the situations won't allow for an indoor grow now, you will in the future.
  8. yea i plan to start a pretty nice grow once i move out

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