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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tucansam420, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I am new to growing, haven't grown a plant yet, and I was planning on using the AeroGarden at first. I'm growing it indoor and I have limited space. Then I saw the post on the bubble-bucket and decided that is a much better method for me and cheaper.
    At first I'm going to get a clone from a local co-op, they look healthy and very taken care of, later I will get some seeds. Can you link me or explain a detailed step by step guide to take care of my plants? I will only be growing two or three. I would like to know stuff like light distance, specific types of nutrients that are good that can be purchased online to California or can be picked up in the Los Angeles area please, how far the fans need to be away, when to stop using the fans, how long to leave the fans on, how long to leave the lights on, pH, etc, etc. A complete guide from seedling/clone to curing/smoking please. If somebody can this would be very appreciated.
  2. Best advice I can give is to read, read, read. Browse thru the forums here, there's tons of info and the answers to all your questions. You will pick up on the things you like, and create your own style.
  3. yea man ur best bet is going to be the search feature..just be ready for alot of reading

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