Indoor Growing in a closet high temperature problem

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    Hi, Im a newbie, im growing inside a wardrobe/closet, i have 2 150W Green lights and one ventilator, however the temperature is sometimes rising to 29 degrees celsius, i know its high, so i keep the doors open. Is there anyway I can come up with some cooling or do you guyz have any tricks to fight high temp?

    I am also looking for any help and tips from senior growers or more experienced guru's. those 4 plants around the white pot are afghan kush riders clones, they arent growing as I would expect, but they r not dying aswell, the one in the middle is a normal seedling afghan kush that already started flowering even though it is very small. I know it probably looks terrible to most of you, but as i said, im a begginer...

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  2. Your oscillating fan is keeping the hot air constant at the plant level...I know you have little room to place it at a point where it is blowing across the canopy, but is one problem I see.
    Heat rises so, you need a exhaust fan above, removing hot stale air outside your box while bringing in fresh cool air from below.....
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    thanks, can u recommend something like that? or how is the proper name for it? what if i moved the fan down so it will be blowing from bellow? Btw. what other problems you see? can you comment on the whole thing?
  4. You get a 4 or 6" flange then trace a hole and cut it out then hook duct to the flange and an inline fan to the duct to pull the air somewhere else..or just hook an inline or duct booster right to the flange and blow it into your room

  5. my english is quite poor, could you explain this with some pictures?
  6. Sure I'll try to find some pics
  7. You get a flange which is this

    Then attach it to your closet and cut out the middle and attach a duct fan to it which is this


    Then put ducting on that which is this


    So then it will look like this

  8. oh now it makes sense, like something you have above the stove in the kitchen, but with a chimney thingy so I am sure that the hot air is leaving the closet, thanks man.
  9. 29c ='s warm but not too bad. if you can get it down to about 80, you're golden.
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    okay thanks guyz, I got 27 degrees celsius in when i have both doors open but I wanted to keep it closed when i have some company (if you know what i mean ;) ) or something. I was considering what TinTizzy proposed with the flange but that would mean drilling hole in a wardrobe that isnt mine (just renting this place) so that's not rly an option, i guess ill just keep the doors open, unless there is something else i can do...

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