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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Danknugg, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Me and my freind decided to grow and he hooked me up with some seeds for some mj. Were not looking to profit in any way from this just to puff it. I need a cheap, easy, and quick (somewhat) way to get some herb going. So far we I have about 30 seeds between to plates soaking with a heating pad keeping them toasty, And no popping yet (its been 2 days). But when they do pop I have peat Pills standing by. My room is like an oven in the summer so the if should work fine. And I have so far 1 30 watt flourescent black light. You could give me links but I need it really simplified.
  2. first...
    black light will NOT work.
    if you looked at sid's do's and dont's you would have clearly seen that.

    I suggest you look at his post and grandpa's growguide and the other many resources at the top of the growing forums. gl:)
  3. get some hps's or if your on a tight budget go get a shoplight set and 2 floro tubes for under 20 bucks
  4. I dont think these seeds are worth shit anyways. There is still no improvement since I started soaking them, I'll get some good seeds and try this again. Looks like im back to 3.4's
  5. Update!

    3 of my seeds just popped some taproots, I put them in peat pallets but I dont have A LIGHT DAMNIT WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!
  6. if you want them to grow indoors youre going to need lights my friend....hps are the best....

    laters jay
  7. for now, you can get some compact floro twisties, couple bucks a piece, but will make a large difference for your vegn plants, you may want to get atleast 2 26watters, this should be enough to hold you till you plan on flowering. you can with floros, but will do 5-10x better under hps for flowering
  8. should have seid this earliar put them on youre window ledge till you get youre lights sorted....then do some jay....

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