Indoor growing during winter

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  1. Anyone have any tips for keepin a grow tent temperature in the 60-70’s during winter. Its a 4x8 set up in a sunroom, so not much to keep the room itself insulated. I also run LEDs but have a 315cmh im gonna switch one of the lights out with to hopefully help. I also plan on running the lights at night.
  2. Sounds like you got a good plan started. Maybe a space heater with a digital temperature control while lights off set to 70 and a small fan circulating the air to keep the whole room 70. Also sun room might be bright for lights off during day. Just my thoughts.
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  3. I have all the windows blacked out and covered with mylar but there are two screen door’s as well. I cover one door with heat shrink insulating plastic but need the other to drain water etc..
    I also planned on maybe venting out one of the bottom ports on the tent to keep some heat in.
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  4. I have the opposite problem my room gets too warm so I hooked up a heating/cooling temp controller and kicks on my intake when room is too hot. You could set this up opposite and have room kick on when it's too cool pulling air from a heated room in your house.
  5. Sadly the room was an addition onto the garage so no way to get help from the hvac inside. Once I get the system built ill do 24hr test runs with hygrometers inside to see what my highs and lowers are throughout the day. (Before i throw plants in). Its also an rdwc system ill be using so I shouldn’t have problems cooling the water, thats a positive.
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  6. I’ve never used one of those but that seems like a great idea! Im wondering if I could just use one with just heating and get it a little cheaper. Ill have the exhaust set on a time to circulate air. I would say i could plug it into that at the same time but i don’t want them battling each other kicking on and off. And if i set the cooling too high it might not turn on enough for fresh air. Correct me if im wrong.
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  7. They make another version of this it may be cheaper but I'd rather have the option and not need it than need it and not have it. If you plan on growing awhile not a bad tool to have in your toolbox.
  8. Insulated room/windows . get control of the temperature and light control .
    hps or MH lighting for heat when the lights are on . when the lights are off or on a gas/propane heater will do nicely to make co2 and heat the room.
    personally hps and or MH has a better color spectrum and penetration then leds .
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  9. I would go 24/0 in winter. Especially because I'm in a very cold state.. maybe dial your fan down jus a bit wen ur home. Keep n eye. I kept A-tent in South Florida at 74゚ constant lol In that humidity? I think I can do anything.. look. AC pumped rite in[​IMG]

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  10. You could consider running autos. 24/7 germ to harvest, very stable as far as light heat, and all watts are productive.

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